SFX-1 FRIDGE [4.5 PBR] *Update*

Introducing the new Fridge SFX-1 from Neurolab, the most realistic and functional refrigerator available, with only 16 prims. This high-quality luxury mesh appliance is crafted with ultra-realistic Materials 2K + PBR versionto provide an exceptional user experience.

With the BEST POPULAR Interactive PIZZAS OF SL AND 8 CHOICES OF DRINKS ..Beers, Sodas, Juices and Energy Cans in UNLIMITED !

The Fridge SFX-1 offers the best and most popular interactive pizzas of SL, along with eight choices of drinks including beers, sodas, juices, and energy cans, all available in unlimited quantities. The complete and easy menu-driven interface ensures seamless navigation and selection.

With the integrated Consumable Giver System, you’ll never run out of pizzas and drinks. Choose from eight different styles of cans to place in the fridge’s eight location slots. Enjoy the fully animated foods and drinks, complete with exclusive animations that enhance the realism of your virtual environment.

The fridge features a convenient refill system for pizzas and cans, ensuring a continuous supply. You can also customize the lights’ color and the interior of the fridge through the menu options, with appropriate permissions.

Personalize the exterior of the fridge by choosing between two metal options: black or grey. Experience the realism of opening and closing the door, accompanied by exclusive and realistic sounds. The door light projector further adds to the immersive experience.

Interact with the pizzas and cans using the bento hand override animation, which provides a lifelike touch. Additionally, the experience feature automatically attaches the can, pizza box, and slice, enhancing the overall immersion.

The fridge supports the LINK feature, allowing it to receive light colors from other Neurolab products like the SpaceBox and Nlab Home Holoscreen System. The TEMP On/Off feature allows you to control the disappearance of dropped items, with a 10-minute time limit.

Maintain control over access permissions, deciding who can use the fridge and its contents, whether it’s restricted to the owner, a specific group, or open to all.

Rest assured, the Fridge SFX-1 is built with HQ LOD technology, ensuring high-quality mesh visibility at any distance or LOD setting. Its robust construction guarantees a realistic appearance that remains consistent throughout your virtual space.

Please visit our in-world Mainstore to try the demo.

Table of Contents


•  High Quality Luxury Mesh, Materials 2K + PBR Versions
• Complete, Easy menu-driven
• UNLIMITED REAL Consumable pizzas and Drinks GIVER SYSTEM INTEGRATED with Refill
• 8 STYLE CHOICE Cans:  Beers, Soda, Juices and Energy for 8 locations slots
• FULLY ANIMATED foods and drinks with EXCLUSIVE animations

• REFILL SYSTEM for pizza/cans (+temporary feature)
• Change Lignts Color and Color Interior Fridge Menu options with permissions

• 2 Metal choice for exterior: Black or Grey
• Opening and closing the door with control permission (owner-group-all)
• Exclusive & reals sounds
• Door Light Projector

• BENTO hand override animation on pizzas and cans
• Experience* added, automatically attach your can pizza box and slice (temp)

• LINK Feature : Receive lights colors from others NeuroLab products (SpaceBox, Nlab Home Holoscreen System,..)
• TEMP On /Off: If ON all dropped items (beer, pizza, pizza part) will disappear in 10 minutes
• OWNER / GROUP / ALL : You can decide who can use the fridge and its content

• HQ LOD : Our products are manufactured according to the rules of art! Robust LOD : High quality of MESH whatever the distance and the LOD setting! (does not disappear)


• NO LAG! Professional Script memory optimization for best performance!
• ONLY 16 prims PE !!!


[Neurolab Inc.] FRIDGE SFX-1 [4.5 - PBR]
[Neurolab Inc.] FRIDGE SFX-1 [4.5 - MAT 2K]



(ACCESS PANEL 1) Open Door, touch the top screen inside fridge ( 7° panel) to access menu. 

[ All Packs] Refill

[ Pizzas] Refill

[ Pack 1 to 8]
– you can refill each things or all.
– you can choose style cans of 4 packs. (Blue beer , Green beer, Cola or Energy can)

[ SETTINGS ]  (Owner only)
• TEMP : On/Off
If ON all dropped items (beer, pizza, pizza part) will disappear in 10 minutes.

You can decide who can use the fridge and its content.



(ACCESS PANEL 2) Click to screen panel on front door to access.  

[ Leds Color] Choose Color of leds

[ Color out] Choose Color of exterior fridge

[ Color In] Choose Color of Interior fridge

[ LINK] ON/OFF : Receive color from other NeuroLab products (SpaceBox, Holoscreen,..)

[ Permissions ] Choose who can customize (Owner, Group or All)

Experience system

How to Add the experience “Neurolab” to your land :
Click on World > About land / Land details > Experience > Add > search “neurolab”

click on “Experience Neurolab” from “OnO Zinner” then “OK”

Now the soda vending machine will ask a permission the first time you use it, but will never ask again (until you leave the Neurolab experience or remove the experience from your land) If you are estate owner or manager, you can add the experience to the region if you prefer.


  • By default the temporary feature is ON and the permission is set to « Owner » for security reason.
  • You are free to allow everyone (permission All) to use the fridge but keep in mind that :
    – if permission is set to everyone : everyone can rez pizzas/beers and drop them anywhere
    – no matter of the permission : everyone could take dropped pizzas/beers and drop them elsewhere
  • That’s why we have added the temporary feature, turn it OFF at your own risk.
  • Touch” anywhere inside of the refrigerator the Food/Drink  to take up.
  • When you have pizza or Cans in hand. you have choice: Drop or Trash.


Fully scripted with menu driven! 8 slices shareable with your friends Eat in real time! each slice of pizza is edible in 4 steps when you have eat 8 parts, the box remain empty !!!

■ Pizza Box

– Touch the Pizza box and select “Open” in the menu

– Click on the pizza inside the box to take a slice

– Unwear: touch pizza box and use “Drop” or “trash” to menu.

■ Pizza parts

– When you have pizza in hand. you have choice: Drop or Trash

(Each slice of pizza is eatable in 4 steps) when the slice is finished, it automatically dies


This product requires the use of MESH CAPABLE Viewer.
SL viewer 3 or above or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Firestorm, …).
This product require Advanced Lighting Model activate to appreciate the materials !!


Revision 4.5 (RELEASED) : 

  • Added :
    • Materials 2K (2048×2048)
    • PBR Versions

Revision 4.1  : 

  • Added :
    • Add workaround for script event “object_rez” issue introduced by latest region servers update.

Revision 4.0 : (Major Update)

  • New Cans Materials improved
  • New Physic when you drop cans (more fun)
  • New SKIN BLACK METAL added

V 3.0 :

  • Bento hand override animation added to hold your soda and pizzas
  • Experience* added, automatically attach your soda and pizzas

V 2.6 :Cans LOD improved

V 2.5 :New drinks Soda!

V 2.0 :
– Redesign with new custom features + Color able
– New Permissions options
– Auto Close after 2 min

V1.5 – Change Control Default MODE for OWNER without GROUP required.
V1.4 – NEW SETTINGS : (Owner only)

V1.0 – First release