Introducing the revolutionary hoverboard equipped with the state-of-the-art 100% CASTRAY ENGINE, offering you an unparalleled HOVER MODE RIDE experience!

Leave behind the limitations of outdated hoverboards with their subpar physics. With the power of CASTRAY technology, you’ll enjoy enhanced accuracy and 100% realistic movements and reactions, free from any surface restrictions, be it Ground Sim, Prim, Mesh, or even water!

Crafted with utmost precision, this hoverboard is 100% MESH + MATERIALS, ensuring high LOD QUALITY MESH for a visually stunning appearance. The SMART HUD included allows for effortless customization, with 4 channels to multi-color customize various parts. Choose from 6 MATERIALS CHOICES, including WOOD, BLACK, GREY, WHITE/Tintable, HEXX GFX/Tintable, and WHITE+HEXX Specular/Tintable, enabling you to personalize your hoverboard to your liking.

Explore further creativity with the FREE Templates Pack, featuring shadows baked in 2048 HD resolution, empowering you to design a unique hoverboard with your custom template.

The driving experience is taken to the next level with the exclusive HOVER REAL ENGINE System (100% CASTRAY), offering two modes: HOVER RIDE and FLY. Remapped and optimized KEYBOARD KEYS ensure perfect gameplay, with advanced controls allowing you to slide, jump, roll, backflip, and more. The 100% HUD-controlled system is managed through the AGX CONTROL HUD, offering seamless control over your hoverboard.

Other remarkable features include an Easy Resizer for fast adjustments, A.O Exclusive and Realistic Animations/Sound effects, and Sim crossing compatibility, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience. Real Lights Projectors further enhance the visual appeal, while HAVOK 7 and MONO optimization guarantee optimal performance.

Navigate through the world with ease using the AGX RIDE/FLY HUD “Dashboard for HOVERBOARD,” offering intuitive controls for Riding, Flying, Auto landing on/off, Auto redress on/off, Auto die on/off, Auto sit on/off, Custom SMART HUD Linker, Settings Resizer, and adjustment positions. Fine-tune your speed, acceleration, and turns with the SPEED MAX adjust, Acceleration adjust, and Turn adjust features, and easily export/load settings for your preference.

Please visit our in-world main store to see the demo.

Table of Contents



• SMART HUD included for Customization
• 4 Channels to multi colors customize parts!
• 6 MATERIALS CHOICES : WOOD – BLACK – GREY – WHITE/Tintable – HEXX GFX/Tintable – WHITE+HEXX Specular/Tintable

• FREE Templates Pack with shadows baked 2048 HD includes (Make your HoverBoard unique with your custom template design !)


• Exclusive HOVER REAL ENGINE System! (100% CASTRAY)
• Remapped and optimized KEYBOARD KEYS for perfect gameplay!
• Advanced Controls! Slide, Jump, Roll, Back-flip and more…
• 100% HUD-controlled system with AGX CONTROL HUD


• Easy Resizer and fast adjustment
• A.O Exclusive and Realistic Animations / Sounds effects

• Sim crossing compatible

• Real Lights Projectors
• HAVOK 7 and MONO Optimized
• NO LAG! Professional Script memory optimization for best performance!
• Free Updates for life!
• MODIFY-COPY Permission
• 6 PRIMS land Impact


– Ride
– Flying
– Auto landing on/off
– Auto redress on/off
– Auto die on/off
– Auto sit on/off
– Custom SMART HUD Linker
– Settings Resizer and adjustment positions
– SPEED MAX adjust
– Acceleration adjust
– Turn adjust
– Export/load settings


for the best customization : “many choices of features to make your product unique !”

• You can customize the Colors independently of 4 Parts by choosing your color, glow and shine for each part or all your Set products.
• Unlimited Colors, 16 Presets, Option Product.
• Synchronize all your outfits together with a few clicks.
• Selectors by ITEM, SET or ALL (10 m, 20 m, 100 m).
• Access to advanced options for each products.
• Scripts memory LOW LAG! FULL MESH! And much more … ( Compatible with all Neurolab products* )

(The items are NOT rigged, allowing customization of scale, rotation and position. An easy to use menu allows for resizing)


• [NeurolaB Inc.] AGX HOVERBOARD (Mod, Copy, no Transfer)
• [NeurolaB Inc.] AGX HUD (Mod, Copy, no Transfer)
• KEYBOARD remapped Files (ZIP)
• [NeurolaB Inc.] N.PHONE SMART HUD (Customization)
• [Neurolab Inc.] PACK Full Perm TEMPLATE HoverBoard with shadows baked ( TGA Mod, Copy, Transfer)


HOW to USE Hoverboard

Start by wearing the hoverboard (wear me), then wear the AGX HUD
– Press to RIDE on your AGX HUD to use your board
– Then SIT or right click “RIDE” on the hoverboard rez to ground floor



– RIDE: REZ to floor your hoverboard (custom)
FLYING: Switch to FLIGHT MODE (Activate only when one is on the board)
– AUTO LANDING: stop flight mode automatically contacts the ground
– AUTO REDRESS: enable / disable automatic recovery in flight
– AUTO DIE: The hoverboard automatically returns to the back when you get up
– AUTO SIT: For RLV Viewer only, allows you to sit on the hoverboard automatically when you click on Ride
– CUSTOM: To connect and customize the Hoverboard with the SMART HUD

– MAX SPEED: Adjust the maximum speed of the board
– ACCELERATION: Adjusts the acceleration power
– TURN: Adjust the angle to rotate


 – EXPORT: Exports your  Personal settings
Open the notecard “[NeurolaB Inc.] AGX Settings” in your AGX HUD
Remove current data in your notecard
Copy/past new data from local chat in your notecard
– LOAD: Load your  Custom settings from the notecard
– NEXT: scrolls on different poses/animations to adjust your avatar

► Standing : (click to settings button when you wear Hoverboard)
– SIZE: Adjust the size of the hoverboard in the back

► On the board : (click to settings button when you ride)
– SIZE: Adjust the size of the hoverboard to the ground.
– HEIGHT: Adjust the position of the avatar vertically
– SIDE: Adjust the position of the avatar horizontally



===== Moving =====

W / ↑: Accelerating
AD / ← →: turn
S / ↓: slow
Shift A / Shift ← : slide left
Shift D / Shift → : slide right

===== Jump  =====

E / ▲ PageUp: keep the button one second will jump higher

===== In air =====

Shift A / Shift ←: roller left
Shift D / Shift → : roller right
C / ▼ PageDown: trick

===== Ramp =====

E / ▲ PageUp down in reaching the top of a ramp used to make the jump ramp
Release E / ▲ PageUp and press it again to make a backflip

===== In flight =====

Shift A  / Shift ←: roller left
Shift D /  Shift → : roller right
E / ▲ PageUp: tilt backward
C / ▼ PageDown: tilt forward

E / ▲PageUp + C / ▼PageDown : get high

Left mouse click:
– AUTO REDRESS active:
the hoverboard redress automatically when they stop bowing
hold the left mouse button prevents upswing
– AUTO REDRESS inactive:
the hoverboard does not redress automatically
hold the left mouse button redress the board

===== Slide =====

Approaching a border hold left mouse click




Q replaces Shift-A
E replaces Shift-D
SPACE replaces E

===== Moving =====

W / ↑ : Accelerating
AD / ← → : Turn
S / ↓ : Brake
Q / Shift ← : slide left
E / Shift → : slide right

===== Jump  =====

SPACE / ▲ PageUp : keep the button one second will jump higher

===== In air =====

Q / Shift ←: roll left
E / Shift →: roll right
C / ▼ PageDown: trick

===== Rampe =====

SPACE / ▲ PageUp down in reaching the top of a ramp used to make the jump ramp
Release SPACE / ▲ PageUp and press it again to make a backflip

===== In flight =====

Q / Shift ←: roll left
E / Shift →: roll right
SPACE / ▲ PageUp: tilt backward
C / ▼ PageDown: tilt forward

SPACE / ▲PageUp + C / ▼PageDown : get high

Left mouse click:
– AUTO REDRESS active:
the hoverboard redress automatically when they stop bowing
hold the left mouse button prevents redressement
– AUTO REDRESS inactive:
the hoverboard does not redress automatically
hold the left mouse button redress the board

===== Slide =====

Approaching a border hold left mouse click


Allows you to have keyboards keys optimized for perfect gameplay!
– Qwerty and Azerty Files for Firestorm and official viewer included.

– Change files in the subfolder “app_settings” folder of your system, eg:
        C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Releasex64\app_settings
        C:\Program Files (x86)\SeconLifeViewer\app_settings

 DOWNLOAD here : NLAB SecondLife Keys PACK 1.0


“NLab Hoverboard – Fly On/Off – F2”
“NLab Hoverboard – Ride – F3”

You can use shortcut F2 to activate/desactivate the flying mode and F3 to rez your hoverboard.
You have to activate those gestures to use them (right click on it, activate)

Be careful about conflict with other gestures. Press CTRL+G to access the list of gestures and disactivate all gestures that use the same shortcuts. You are free to change the shortcuts :
– from your inventory : right click on it, open, select another key and save
– from the list of gestures : click on the button “Edit”, select another key and save


This product requires the use of MESH CAPABLE Viewer.
SL viewer 3 or above or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Firestorm, …).
This product require Advanced Lighting Model activate to appreciate the materials !!


Watch this VIDEO in full screen

if you do not already have your N.Phone HUD, you will find one in the product folder

Please follow these steps to connect the product to your Smart HUD app: 

  • 1 – Wear Smart Hud
  • 2 – Wear AGX HUD
  • 3 – Connect your HoverBoard to SMART HUD with “Custom” button on your AGX HUD.
  • 4 – The Smart HUD app will automatically launch 
  • 5 – Now you can customize…


■ How to save customize HoverBoard

– Wear the AGX HUD and the AGX HoverBoard.
– Rez HoverBoard with your AGX HUD “RIDE button” to the ground.
– Wear the SMART HUD.

– Connect your HoverBoard to SMART HUD with “Custom” button on your AGX HUD.

– Customize/Change colors/materials and others things to your HoverBoard.
– Take this HoverBoard in inventory.

– UnWear and Drop your HUD AGX to the ground, delete Default HoverBoard under content, and drag inside your HoverBoard custom.
– Take HUD in inventory, and wear.
– Now when you push to RIDE button, its your Custom HoverBoard!

custom templates

With this skin pack, you’ll have access to a stunning collection of 16 unique skins designed exclusively for the AGX Hoverboard. Each skin offers a distinct and eye-catching appearance, allowing you to customize your hoverboard to suit your personal style.

The skins come in a convenient MOD COPY TRANS format, giving you the flexibility to modify and share them as needed. Additionally, the pack includes full-permission TGA base skins with shadows, providing a solid foundation for further customization.

To ensure an exceptional visual experience, we’ve included high-resolution textures in a zip file, featuring a resolution of 2048×1024 pixels. These high-definition textures bring out the intricate details of each skin, delivering an immersive and realistic hoverboard experience.

– Download the files, and Customize with a picture Software.
– Upload your resized format files: 1024×1024 on SL.

– Add the keyword at the end of your skin name for it associated with one of the 3 available shine ( _White _Hexa and _Wood )
– Drag then drop the textures in the CONTENT of your AGX HUD.
– You can Add SEVERAL images in AGX HUD.

– Then you can scroll / change In The SMART HUD (OPTIONS TAB) by clicking on the boards “Custom”.

You can send us your custom templates (Size original format JPG or PNG “NLAB_AGX.Board_TITLE_By.Your Name.jpg”) on our email: contact [at]
The bests will be added to the PACK!

DOWNLOAD here : agx-skin-pack-v2


Revision 2.0 (RELEASED) 

– Improved Scripts
– New Rebuild Mesh with Excellent LOD resistance
– New Reactors with Animations
– New Customize Menu with more options
– +16 New Skins ! with Custom Shine Control (3 Styles )
– New Skin Pack template 2.0 and much more…

1.6 Revision : few fixes

1.0.0 Revision : few fixes

0.9.2 Revision :
– Fix an issue with region boundaries

0.9.1 Revision :
– SmartHUD now works with “ITM” checked
– People can no longer sit on the Hoverboard once the owner is sitting on it.
– Setting animations now stop when exit Setting mode

0.9 Revision: First Beta version released!