Welcome to our cutting-edge destination where technology, fashion, and design converge!

NEUROLAB is thrilled to present the next generation of all-in-one buildings that cater to a wide range of needs, including mainstores, stores, offices….

Experience the pinnacle of quality with 100% mesh and materials, ensuring a visually stunning and realistic environment. Our buildings incorporate advanced features and functionalities to meet the demands of modern businesses.

With our renters advanced terminals system, you have precise control over essential parameters such as prim numbers (land impact), scripts memory, time, and price. This system allows for seamless renting of HAUSS STORE, providing a convenient and efficient solution for both owners and tenants.

Our integrated retractable holoscreens system offers unparalleled customization options. From walls and lamps to LEDs and floors, you can easily and quickly customize colors to create a unique and engaging atmosphere. The glass color and opacity can also be adjusted, giving you full control over the visual aesthetics.

As the owner, you have the ability to add custom objects that tenants can rez in the store, enhancing their interactive experience. Additionally, the package includes four stands displays, giving you and your tenants the flexibility to showcase up to four items at a time.

The fully menu-driven interface provides comprehensive control and customization options for the owner. Explore the multitude of features available by referring to the online product page for more details.

Immerse yourself in a lifelike environment with our real lights projectors, designed to enhance SL shadows and provide a realistic lighting system. Enjoy the benefits of our physics-enabled high-definition design, ensuring optimal performance with minimal lag.

Rest assured that our products adhere to the highest standards of quality, including robust LOD. Whether viewed up close or from a distance, the mesh maintains its exceptional detail and quality, offering a seamless visual experience.

The prim count of our buildings ranges from 62 to 77, allowing for efficient use of resources without compromising on aesthetics. The size options range from 18 x 18 meters to 32 x 32 meters, providing flexibility to suit different spatial requirements.

Discover the future of building design with NEUROLAB’s all-in-one creations. Embrace innovation, functionality, and style as you elevate your business to new heights.

Please visit our in-world Mainstore to see the demo.

Table of Contents


• 100% Mesh + materials!
• Renters advanced terminal system:
◦ rent the hauss store with ease
◦ precise control: manage prim numbers (land impact), script memory, time, and price
• integrated retractable holo screens system: customize walls, lamps, leds, floors, glass color, and opacity quickly and easily for both owners and tenants
• owner-rez items system: allow tenants to rez custom objects in the store ◦ includes 4 stands display: owners and tenants can rez up to 4 stands
• fully menu driven for owners with numerous features (refer to the online product page)!
• Real light projectors for sl shadows and lighting system
• 100% physics enabled hd low lag!
• Hq lod: our products are meticulously crafted to maintain high-quality mesh regardless of distance or lod setting (no disappearing)

• Prim count: 62 to 77.
• Size: 18 x 18 m to 32 x 32 m.
• Permissions: mod – copy
• no lag! Professional script memory optimization for optimal performance!

• Free lifetime updates!


– [NeurolaB Inc.] HAUSS STORE (Small 18x18m – 62Li)
– [NeurolaB Inc.] HAUSS STORE (Medium 25x25m – 70Li)
– [NeurolaB Inc.] HAUSS STORE (Large 32x32m – 77Li)
– [Neurolab Inc.] RETURN RELAY Owner/Group Deeded
– [Neurolab Inc.] RETURN RELAY NotOwner
– [NeurolaB Inc.] DISPLAY STANDS



HoloScreen (Owner)

The Holoscreen on tower Base can control this Floor and also all the levels and Synchronize/customize all this tower in one time!

Click on “CUSTOM SYSTEM”, near the main entrance.
Click on “OPTIONS” on the hologram and select “Owner Menu”

¤ [Entrance 1] / [Entrance 2]

¤ Your Logo : set the UUID (key) for the main entrance logo
¤ Automatic / ¤ Manual : switch doors opening between automatic (sensor) and manual (touch)
¤ Tenants / ¤ Group / ¤ All : you can decide who can open the doors.

¤ Ambilight : On/Off
This allows you to enable/disable the ambilight feature for all levels.
Turning it off ensure no one use it and save some script time for the region.

¤ L&L’s Color : On/Off
Many NLAB products use a custom color system that can work with light and led color set on tower’s hologram.

¤ S.Outside : On/Off
You can allow the base’s tenant to custom the outside of this tower.

¤ C.Tenants / ¤ C.Group / ¤ C.All : On/Off
You can decide who can custom levels. A tenant can only customize the level he’s paying for.

¤ E.Tenants / ¤ E.Group / ¤ E.All : On/Off
You can decide who can use the elevator.
“Tenants” is more than only the tenants, their admins and friends (set on the level, not the SL’s friends list) can use the elevator too if you allow tenants.

¤ RESIZE: you can choose Store size:
– small 18x18m 24Li
– medium 25x25m 28Li
– Normal 32×32 37Li

HoloScreen (Tenant)

– Each levels include a holoscreen. Tenants can use this one to customize their level.

Click on “CUSTOM SYSTEM” (if in the base) or “CUSTOM” over a light switcher (if in a level)
Click on “OPTIONS” on the hologram.

¤ ADMINS : manage admins list. Admins can customize this level and manage friends list.
ADD BY SCAN : show people in a menu, a fast way to select someone.
ADD MANUALLY : enter a username
REMOVE X : remove the admin that matches this number from the list

¤ FRIENDS : manage friends list. Friends cannot customize this level but they can enter depending access permission.
ADD BY SCAN : show people in a menu, a fast way to select someone.
ADD MANUALLY : enter a username
REMOVE X : remove the friend that matches this number from the list

¤ GET RELAY : gives a relay that allows to custom other NLAB products if you’re not the owner of this tower.
For example the tenant can rez this relay and his own sofa from NLAB. His sofa will match the light color he set on the hologram.

¤ REZ ITEMS : A list of items added by the owner. Land impact and script memory of those items are used in the level’s
limits as other objects.

Rent system

When turning ON set the number of hours between each scan.
This feature as nothing to do with land’s auto-return system, it will only return objects that exceed limits* in this level.
* see “LAND IMPACT” and “MEMORY”

¤ TIME LEFT : if this level is rented, set the time left (in days)

¤ PRICE : set the price per week from 1 to 9999 L$
Setting a price will turn on the rent system.

¤ LAND IMPACT : set the land impact allowed for objects in this level

¤ MEMORY : set the memory limit for scripted objects in this level

¤ RESET : turn off the rent system, remove tenant’s information

¤ RETURN OBJ : if the land impact and/or the memory limit is exceeded this will remove as many objects as needed.

¤ REMOVE ALL : return all objects in this level and remove tenant’s information

To return objects a relay is necessary (see “Return & Security relay”)

Owner – Rez Items

You can add some custom objects that tenants will be able to rez in a level (land impact and script memory are used in the limits of this store).
To do this they click on “OPTIONS” on the hologram, select “Rez Items”, a room (for example “Room”) and finally the item (for example “Flat screen”).
The item will be rezed and placed where it has to be. To delete this item, that do exactly what they did to rez it.

To add an item, open the notecard “Rez Items” in the content tab of the level.

== store :
First you need at least one room in it.
To create a room write a new line with :
– the word “Room”
– a number for this room
– the name of this room
all separate with this character |
An example , named “Room” :


== Items :
Now you can add items in this notecard. Write a new line with
– the word “Item”
– the room number
– the name for this item in the menu
– the real name of this item
– a position*
– a rotation*
all separate with this character |
An example with 3 objects :

Item|1|Stand 1|[NeurolaB Inc.] SHOP STAND (R) 1|<5.15500, 6.01601, 0.33450>|<0.00000, 0.00000, 180.00000>
Item|1|Stand 2|[NeurolaB Inc.] SHOP STAND (L) 1|<5.15546, -6.01645, 0.33496>|<0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000>
Item|1|Stand 3|[NeurolaB Inc.] SHOP STAND (R) 2|<-5.15665, -6.01753, 0.33496>|<0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000>

* Position and rotation are based of level’s position and rotation. To easier get those two parameter you can :

1) Drag the script “NLab Tower Get Pos&Rot – Level” in the content tab of the level
2) Place your object where it has to be in the level
3) Drag the scripts “NLab Tower Get Pos&Rot – Item” and “NLab Tower RezItem” in the content tab of your object
4) Copy and past the position and rotation in the notecard.
5) Drag a copy of your item in the content tab of the level
6) Delete the script “NLab Tower Get Pos&Rot – Level” from the content tab of the level

For multiple items you can repeat operations 2, 3, 4 and 5

Return relay

    To return objects a script needs a permission that cannot be auto-granted. You would probably not have to accept
    one permission per level that’s why we created a relay for this.

Depending on your situation you can use one of those two relays :
– Return Relay Owner/Group Deeded

If you are the owner of this land :
– Rez it on the floor
– Click on it
– Accept the permission to return objects
– The relay becomes green
If you’re not the owner of this land but have permission to return objects in the group that owns this land :
– Rez it on the floor
– Select the group that owns this land
– Check the “Share” option
– Click on “Deed” to deed it to the group
– Click on it
– Accept the permission to return objects
– The relay becomes green

– Return Relay NotOwner
Give a copy of this relay to the owner of this land, or a member of the group thats owns this land and has
permission to return objects in this group

If the owner of this land is a group, the first thing he has to do is to deed the relay to this group
– Select the group
– Check the “Share” option
– Click on “Deed” to deed it to the group

Now ask him to click on the relay, the relay becomes orange
Now you click on the relay and the owner will receive the permission request
He has to accept it and the relay becomes green

In all case, you need only one relay per land, no matter how many towers and levels you’re using.


This product requires the use of MESH CAPABLE Viewer.
SL viewer 3 or above or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Firestorm, …).
This product require Advanced Lighting Model activate to appreciate the materials !!


4.1 Revision (released) : 

  • Fixed :
    • Minor Fixs
  • Added :

4.0 Revision : 

  • Optimized :
    • Reduced Display Memory and NEW Materials Set for EEP

3.x Revision : 

  • Small improvements Fix.
  • 3 Size added

Revision 2.5 : some fixs

2.0 Revision: 100% rebuild Mesh with Ultra hard LOD quality resistant!!
1.11 Revision : increase distance detect Doors Store.
1.05 Revision : Fix Bug to Doors Store.
1.0 Revision : First version