REVO-9 BOOTS (Collection) [2.3] *Update*

Neurolab proudly presents the revolutionary Revo-9 Boots, a stunning fusion of futuristic design and undeniable allure. These boots are crafted with the utmost precision, utilizing high-quality luxury mesh and ultra-realistic materials for an unmatched level of sophistication.

Experience the epitome of control and convenience with the complete, menu-driven, and user-friendly SMART HUD Custom Controller. Seamlessly navigate through the various options and effortlessly customize your Revo-9 Boots to reflect your unique style.

Unleash your creativity with full customization capabilities. Choose from 12 captivating animated textures for the lights parts, each offering mesmerizing effects that will captivate onlookers. Elevate your look even further with a choice of three sole styles, allowing you to customize the color to your preference, whether it’s black, grey, or white.

Take control of the animated lights with three adjustable speed options: Normal, Fast, or Stop. Tailor the lighting effects to match your mood and create the desired impact. Fine-tune the shine of your boots with the adjustable shine control, ensuring they radiate with the perfect level of elegance.

Immerse yourself in an immersive experience with the exclusive sounds designed specifically for the Revo-9 Boots. Enjoy distinctive sounds for walking, starting to fly, flying, and stopping mid-air. Take charge of the sound volume with precise controls, allowing you to adjust the start and stop sounds to your desired level.

For those utilizing the Lockmeister Cuff RLV system, rest assured that the Revo-9 Boots are fully compatible, providing a seamless integration into your RLV experience.

Neurolab’s Revo-9 Boots redefine the boundaries of fashion and technology, offering a truly avant-garde footwear experience. Embrace the future with these ultra-sexy boots that combine elegance, customization, and immersive features. Step into a new era of style with the Revo-9 Boots, where fashion meets the extraordinary.

These Boots are Compatible with : Maitreya, Legacy, Perky, Slink, Hourglass, Belleza Freya, EVE Slim and Classic Avatars
(Available in Black or White & Perfect match to FX08 Catsuit)

Please visit our in-world Mainstore to try the demo.

Table of Contents


• Complete, menu-driven and EASY SMART HUD Custom Controller
• Fully customizable
• 12 animated textures choices for lights parts with Amazing effects!
• 3 Choices of styles for soles (black / Grey / White tintable)
• 3 Choices of Speed for Animated Lights (Normal/Fast/stop)
• Shine adjust control

• Exclusives Sounds for walk, start Fly, Fly and Stop Fly.
• Controls Sounds Volume: (Start/Stop +/-)
• Compatible Lockmeister Cuff RLV

• DELETE SCRIPTS (All scripts can be removed).


for the best customization : “many choices of features to make your product unique !”

• You can customize the Colors independently of 4 Parts by choosing your color, glow and shine for each part or all your Set products.
• Unlimited Colors, 16 Presets, Option Product.
• Synchronize all your outfits together with a few clicks.
• Selectors by ITEM, SET or ALL (10 m, 20 m, 100 m).
• Access to advanced options for each products.
• Scripts memory LOW LAG! FULL MESH! And much more … ( Compatible with all Neurolab products* )

(The items are NOT rigged, allowing customization of scale, rotation and position. An easy to use menu allows for resizing)


– [Neurolab Inc.] REVO-9 Boots – [Maitreya] *FITTED*
– [Neurolab Inc.] REVO-9 Boots – [Legacy] *FITTED*
– [Neurolab Inc.] REVO-9 Boots – [Belleza Freya] *FITTED*
– [Neurolab Inc.] REVO-9 Boots – [Classic Av] *FITTED*
– [Neurolab Inc.] REVO-9 Boots – [Hourglass] *FITTED*
– [Neurolab Inc.] REVO-9 Boots – [Slink] *FITTED*
– [Neurolab Inc.] REVO-9 Boots – [EVE Slim] *FITTED*

– [NeurolaB Inc.] REVO-9 Boots – [Foots Shape]
– [NeurolaB Inc.] REVO-9 Boots – [Alpha layers Classic avatars ]

– [NeurolaB Inc.] N.PHONE SMART HUD



1. Wear/ Add the boots
2. Wear the ALPHA
3. Wear the FOOT Shape (item is mod to adjust your height foot on ground)


1. Wear/ Add the boots
2. set the ALPHA with your MESH AVATAR HUD
3. Wear the FOOT Shape (item is mod to adjust your height foot on ground)

■ Menu Setting Content

(Click on top Right Boot to open “Menu” setting or right click on the product in the inventory then touch)

– [HUD Custom] : Connect the Product to customize with your Smart HUD

– [Sound] : Adjust sound volume

– [Delete Script] : Deletes the script in product.

You can not customize them using the Smart HUD and can not use the menu
(Remember to always keep a copy scripted)


This product requires the use of MESH CAPABLE Viewer.
SL viewer 3 or above or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Firestorm, …).
This product require Advanced Lighting Model activate to appreciate the materials !!


Watch this VIDEO in full screen

if you do not already have your N.Phone HUD, you will find one in the product folder

Please follow these steps to connect the product to your Smart HUD app: 

  • 1 – Wear Smart Hud
  • 2 – Click on the product to open the settings menu  (Fitted Items: Right click on the product in the inventory then “touch” to open Menu settings)
  • 3 – Use the ‘HUD CUSTOM‘ button to establish a connection with the product & HUD
  • 4 – The Smart HUD app will automatically launch 
  • 5 – Now you can customize…


  • To customize Colors, Glow, Shine, Opacity… Open Colors Tab. Here you can save presets and more..
  • To customize style and options, Open Options Tab. Here you can adjust many features.


Revision 2.3 (RELEASED) 

  • Fixed :
    • LEGACY FITTED with FX08
  • Optimized :
    • MATERIALS BLACK match to FX08
  • Added :

Revision 2.0  

  • Added :

Revision 1.1: Fix to Glow Control

Revision 1.0: First Version