CYBER PET BIT-X [6.0] *Update*

NeuroLab present to you the new Cyber PET BIT-X

The best ROBOTS COMPANION of Second Life

Introducing our new product featuring the latest engine technology – faster, easier, and more fun!

Our product boasts 100% high-quality luxury mesh and ultra-realistic Materials. It comes with a complete menu-driven and user-friendly SMART HUD remote controller or N.Phone for your convenience. You can fully customize it with six materials and an unlimited color changer for Leds. It also features a shoulder or real follower switch mode and an exclusive engine that works sim wide.

Our product includes a RC camera mode, ultimate SPY mode, and a megaphone with chat commands and channels, making it perfect for gamers and roleplay enthusiasts. Also, with stealth mode, sound control, volume adjust, stay, and auto-die functions, it enables you to have complete control and customization. The product comes with an effective resizer and amazing effects and is MOD, COPY, and No Transfer.

The Bit comes with additional features that include Morph Auto [on/off], availability of 4 shapes, Yes/No talk mode, sounds, engine [on/off], Yes/No [on/off], Question [on/off], Morph [on/off] and Order [on/off]. 

Users can also change the language preference for “yes” and “no” by using the [set “yes”] and [set “no”] options. These features provide added convenience to the users and enhance their experience with the product.

Customize everything!  with Smarthud simply and easily.
Create an infinite number of unique color combinations to match your style.

Available in 6 differents COLORS and FATPACK!

Table of Contents


• More fast, easy and fun! New Engine
• 100% Mesh+materials (high quality luxury mesh, ultra realistic baked textures with shadows.)
• Complete, menu-driven and EASY SMART HUD Remote Controller or N.Phone

• Fully customizable
• 6 Materials : Black Metal – White Metal – Grey Metal – Army Metal – Pink Metal – Yellow Metal
• Unlimited colors changer for Leds
• Shine Control

• Easy and fast switch mode: Shoulder or Real follower (Realistic Engine System)
• Works full sim wide ( exclusive engine that works sim wide)

• RC Camera mode ( drone will follow your camera )
• Ultimate SPY (with listen, stealth and camera mode, it can be your ultimate spy)
• Megaphone (you can use chat commands and make drone whispers-says-shouts (suggested by roleplay/gamer)) + chanels!

• Stealth: making the pet invisible (3 positions: OFF, ON, 90% RP)
• Sound Control [on/off] and Volume Adjust
• Stay [on/off]
• Auto-die [on/off]


• Morph Auto [on/off]
• 4 shapes available

• Yes/no talk mode
• Sounds
• Engine: [on/off]
• Yes / no: [on/off]
• Question: [on/off]
• Morph: [on/off]
• Order: [on/off]
• [set “yes”] [set “no”]: change language eg: (yes: oui , yes , wé)

• Resizer
• H.Q LOD: PRODUCTS WITH ROBUST LOD (professional video game quality)! still looks good even from a distance!
• FREE UPDATE for life!
• Professional Script memory optimization for best performance!
• MOD, COPY, No Transfer.
• Amazing effects and more..


for the best customization : “many choices of features to make your product unique !”

• You can customize the Colors independently of 4 Parts by choosing your color, glow and shine for each part or all your Set products.
• Unlimited Colors, 16 Presets, Option Product.
• Synchronize all your outfits together with a few clicks.
• Selectors by ITEM, SET or ALL (10 m, 20 m, 100 m).
• Access to advanced options for each products.
• Scripts memory LOW LAG! FULL MESH! And much more … ( Compatible with all Neurolab products* )

(The items are NOT rigged, allowing customization of scale, rotation and position. An easy to use menu allows for resizing)


• [NeurolaB Inc.] BIT-X Cyber PET
• [NeurolaB Inc.] N.PHONE SMART HUD



– Unpack.


– Wear the smart HUD
– Click to PET and use “HUD CUSTOM” button.
– GOTO OPTION TAB, Now you can Control your Pet with SMART HUD synchronized

– You can also use MENU on the PET.

■ OPTIONS SMART HUD / menu buttons

◦ FLY: Flying the pet (detachment of the shoulder) * The default state FLY on the ground is to follow the owner.
◦ Come: Pet come to you
◦ Shoulder: Pet in fly return to your shoulder (connecting to your shoulder)
◦ Follow: allows you to choose a person so that pet will follow
◦ RC Camera:  follow owner Camera (zooming)
◦ STAY: On / Off (. Order the pet to remain in his position he will keep a flight movement in its area)
◦ Listen: On / Off (The Pet will return all local chat around him to the owner IM)
◦ Megaphone: On / Off
◦ Auto Die: On / Off (automatic deletion for Pet if you left the area or closed Second Life)
◦ HIDE: On / Off (Makes your Pet invisible on the shoulder!)
◦ HUD Custom: Sync your Pet and your Smart HUD /N.PHONE


◦ Megaphone (you can use chat to control talk PET)
you can select a distance to messages:
– 10 meters (whisper)
– 20 meters (talk)
– 100 meters (shout)
– Local: ON / OFF
– When you activate the Smart HUD, it will reuse the last selected distance. (Default is speaking)

– It can also repeat what you write on the local chat, for that check the “Local” checkbox in the megaphone options
– When the megaphone is activated your pet repeat what you write on channel 6 (example: /6 hello )

◦ Volume: adjust the volume of the sounds of the pet (100% off) (depending on model)
◦ Stealth: making the pet invisible (3 positions: OFF, ON, 90% RP)
◦ Scale: Adjust the size of your pet
◦ Textures: choose the style of materials (depending on model)


◦ Sounds :  (Bit only)

◦ Engine: ON / OFF
Propulsion sound, loop

◦ YES / NO: ON / OFF
Bit says “Yes” when you type a message with “yes” (by default it listen for “yes”, “oui” and “wé”)
or “No” when you type “no” (by default “no” and “non”)
“yes” / “no” commands are not case sensitive.
Yes i’m here
you have no chance

◦ Question: ON / OFF
Bit answers randomly “Yes” or “No” when you type “?” in the local chat. Examples:
Are you a bit ?
did you love me ?

Bit triggers a sound on morph

Bit says “Yes” when you give him an order (fly, follow, come, shoulder,…)

◦ [Set “Yes”] [Set “No”]: change language
Set words that Bit will check to say “Yes” (by default “yes”, “oui” and “wé”) or “No” (by default “no” and “non”)

■  How to rename your PET

Its easy, just rename your PET Shoulder (item MOD)

■  Adjust Position of pet (shoulder)

By default your pet is attached to the “Avatar center” and placed above your right shoulder.
It is best not to change its point of attachment but you can change the position around which it revolves:
– For Bit-X and Nano-X: simply move your pet


  • DO NOT REZ your Shoulder Pet on ground to use!
  • DO NOT resize manually, use the resizer menu!
  • If you have problems to fly your pet while you have the permissions on the sim, make sure the pet to your shoulder has the right group!


This product requires the use of MESH CAPABLE Viewer.
SL viewer 3 or above or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Firestorm, …).
This product require Advanced Lighting Model activate to appreciate the materials !!


Watch this VIDEO in full screen

if you do not already have your N.Phone HUD, you will find one in the product folder

Please follow these steps to connect the product to your Smart HUD app: 

  • 1 – Wear Smart Hud
  • 2 – Click on the product to open the settings menu 
  • 3 – Use the ‘HUD CUSTOM‘ button to establish a connection with the product & HUD
  • 4 – The Smart HUD app will automatically launch 
  • 5 – Now you can customize…


  • To customize Colors, Glow, Shine, Opacity… Open Colors Tab. Here you can save presets and more..
  • To customize style and options, Open Options Tab. Here you can adjust many features.


Revision 6.0 (RELEASED) 

  • Added :
    • NEW FATPACK Materials Themes (6)
  • Optimized :
    • Display Memory

Revision 5.1  :

  • Fixed :
    • Add workaround for script event “object_rez” issue introduced by latest region servers update.

Revision 5.0  :

  • Improved LOD Resistant
  • Fixed Take controls issues (users were unable to click on any touchable object in mouselook while wearing the pet)
  • Fixed Rez while on the floor (Shoulder model will no longer be able to rez Fly model when it is not attached)
  • Fixed Fly model name (users no longer need to rename the Fly model, it will automatically take the name of the Shoulder model)
  • Fixed invisible Shoulder model on the floor (now the Shoulder model will turn visible when users drop it on the floor)

Revision 4.0  :

  • New engine displacement mode and Fly shoulder more realistic!
  • New HUD interface and more efficient menu
  • Added a local mode for the megaphone
  • Integrated Resizer

Revision 3.6  :

  • MEGAPHONE Improved with whispers-says-shouts (suggested by roleplay/gamer) +Chanel!

Revision 3.0  :