GANZER MK-6 “KITTY Edition” (Weapon Pistol) [1.5] *Update*

Neurolab presents the new GANZER MK-6 “KITTY Edition”

The Ganzer possesses you by its atypical appearance which exacerbates the fury of a softness that requires to be caressed as much as mastered. It is a fascinating weapon that attracts by its singular and bewitching lines.

A simple glance at it can be enough to hold it in its grip, but becoming its owner requires a few sacrifices because the Ganzer is a demanding partner.

GANZER includes a top-notch Combat System, integrated with advanced metering capabilities such as Linden damage and CCS. Our Full Animated Gun comes with muzzleflash, shell eject, magazine drop and reload features. 

The Custom AO is equipped with BENTO MOCAP Animations, and the holster is synced automatically with the hand gun, making it easy to use. 

You can now fire 9mm bullets and watch them being ejected in a realistic manner. The Laser Sight is highly customizable, allowing you to adjust color and length easily. Our Tactical reticule is activate/deactivate functionality for added flexibility. 

The Silencer is equipped with sound and damage adaptability features, enhancing the realism of your experience. With dynamic reloading and a Dynamic SideMeter with 2 positions, you can switch the side meter above the weapon and avatar with ease. 

Our Damage Bullet feature comes with Blood FX to add to the realistic experience. In addition, the weapon is equipped with a Skin Applier System, Resizer System for custom fit, and customizable LED lights. The easy menu system makes it easier for you to control the Holster and Gun while the gun settings are saved for each gun. Finally, Scripts professionals with memory optimization eliminates lag, ensuring better performance.

100% Mesh+materials (high quality luxury mesh, ultra realistic materials)

Please visit our in-world Mainstore to see the demo.

Table of Contents


• Combat System with integrated meter (Linden damage, CCS,…)
• Full Animated Gun (muzzleflash, shell eject, magazine drop and reload…)
• Custom AO (BENTO MOCAP Animations)
• Holster : For right thigh, synchronized (Automatically) with the hand gun
• Magazine Animated : Empty magazines are ejected and replaced by full magazine (temporary object)
• 9mm bullets : Fired and realistically ejected as bullet shell (temporary object)
• Laser Sight : Activate / Deactivate – Color change – Lenght adjust
• Tactical reticule : Activate / Deactivate
• Silencer : Mount / Unmount ( Sound and damages are adapted for augmented realism )
• Multiple sounds for each action (Reload, shoot, shell on the ground to never have the same sound)
• Dynamic Reloading
• Dynamic SideMeter with 2 positions Switch the side meter above the weapon and avatar + ON/OFF
• Switch Combat System ON/OFF
• Damage Bullet (Blood FX)
• Headshot (Exclusively with our weapons (NCS – Neurolab Combat System)


• SKIN APPLIER System (V.1.2)

• Holster and gun are controlled by only one easy Menu system
• Real size weapon with Resizer System (Perfect for kids and girls)
• Customization Color Leds
• keeps gun settings
• NO LAG SCRIPT ! (Scripts professionals with memory optimization for better performance!)

■ Specification

• Model: Ganzer MK-6
• Classification: Pistol gun
• Origin: Armatek
• Calibre: 9mm
• Capacity: 15 round magazine
• Velocity: 80-150m/s
• Reload Time : 2 sec
• Mode: Semi-Auto


[NeurolaB Inc.] GANZER MK-6 GUN (COMBAT)

Gestures :
[NeurolaB Inc.] GANZER - LASER
[NeurolaB Inc.] GANZER - RELOAD
[NeurolaB Inc.] GANZER - VISOR
[NeurolaB Inc.] GANZER - HOLSTER
[NeurolaB Inc.] GANZER - HAND


IMPORTANT: you cannot use the gun without the holster on!

– Attach Ganzer pistol and Holster (right click add) to your Mesh avatar.

  • Wait until the loading of the gun’s system is done, and wait until the holster write “Ready” in the nearby chat before use.
  • You have to be in mouselook view to shoot (Zoom with middle mouse button or press “m” on the keyboard), then click on the left mouse button to fire.
    – Voila!


  • Touch Holster to Draw the gun. Touch Holster to store the gun
  • Touch Gun to open menu.
  • Enter mouselook (Through button or View menu) to aim.
  • Left mouseclick in mouselook fires the gun.


To use the commands you have to type “/channel command” in the chat. For this gun the channel is 3546. ex.: “/3546 reload” to reload the gun.

  • Chat Commands : channel = 3546
  • reload – Reload the gun
  • name NewName – Change meter Nickname
  • laser – Enable/Disable the laser
  • silencer – Put/Remove the silencer
  • combat – Enable/Disable the combat system
  • sidemeter – Enable/Disable the sidemeter
  • holster – Put the gun in the Holster
  • hand – Grab the gun in your hand

Menu Settings

[ ⬤ Combat ] Switch Combat System ON/OFF.
[ ⬤ Bullets] : Switch Ammo Meter mode (On the meter, On the gun as Sidemeter, Disabled) *news V:1.5*
[ ⬤ AutoRLD. ] Autoreload when clip is empty.
[ ◯ Silencer ] Switch Silencer ON/OFF.
[ ◯ Visor ] Switch Tactical reticule ON/OFF.
[ ◯ Laser ] Switch Laser sight ON/OFF.
LSR Size ] Size of the Laser.
RELOAD ] Load a new clip in the weapon.
HOLSTER ] Put the weapon in the holster.
CLOSE ] Close this Toast Menu properly.
RESIZE ] Access the Resize menu.

CUSTOM ] Access the Customization menu.

  • [ Oranges ] Oranges submenu.
  • [ Yellow ] Yellow submenu.
  • [ Greens ] Greens submenu.
  • [ Pinks ] Pinks submenu.
  • [ Reds ] Reds submenu.
  • [ Purples ] Purples submenu.
  • [ Light Greens ] Light Greens submenu.
  • [ Blues ] Blues submenu.
  • [ Cyans ] Cyans submenu.
  • [ Blacks/Whites ] Blacks/Whites submenu.
  • [ ANIMS ] Switch the animations ON/OFF.


Settings Viewer :

Activate this option to see your weapon in mouse look view mode.

Activate this option to be able to use the gestures on regular key (e.g. r to reload).


■ How To Resize Gun and Holster

IMPORTANT:  you cannot use the gun without the holster on!

  • 1 – Wear gun & holster
  • 2 – Click to “Resize” button to the  menu and customize.. (the holster and gun is Automatically Synchronized)

■ How To Customize Led Colors

  • To customize colors, open Custom menu and choose color…


This product requires the use of MESH CAPABLE Viewer.
SL viewer 3 or above or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Firestorm, …).
This product require Advanced Lighting Model activate to appreciate the materials !!


  • Revision 1.5 (RELEASED):
    • Added :
      • [ ⬤ Bullets] : Switch Ammo Meter mode (On the meter, On the gun as Sidemeter, Disabled). (replace sidemeter)
  • Revision 1.4 :
    • Fixed :
      •  Adjusted LL Damages.
  • Revision 1.3 :
    • Fixed :
      • Fix minor bug (LASER BUTTON OFF on MENU).
      • Skin Defaut Kitty unboxed.
  • Revision 1.2 :
    • Added :
    • Fixed :
      • Fix minor bug.
  • Revision 1.1.2 : Bugfix.
    • Added :
      • Button “ANIMS” to disable the AO of the gun added under “CUSTOM” menu.
    • Fixed :
      • Fix Holster Mode, the gun cannot be used to shoot anymore when in the holster.
      • Fix animation issue, the “holster-out” animation loop is now stopped if the avatar move while playing the animation to avoid the “sliding avatar” bug.
      • Fix text meter issue, a line break was added to the meter when used without sidemeter to fix the display of the ammo.
    • Optimized :
      • AO engage/release code optimized for faster operations.


  • Revision 1.1 : Bugfix
    • Added :
      • Pairing restriction between the gun and the holster, to keep the size consistency between them, when you use the resizer for the first time, the gun and the holster will be paired, this way you’ll never have a gun bigger than your holster using the resizer.
    • Fixed :
      • Fix Fire rate, the fire rate is now faster than before but could still be improved in the future.
      • Fix Magazine (mesh) animation, the magazine will appear at the same time as the avatar’s animation is triggerred to avoid the “floating magazine” issue.
      • Fix Syncronized Resizer, the size of the gun and the holster was always actualized for each resize operation, it was made this way to avoid inconstitency but was causing issue when the gun was unrezzed from the world, we opted for a more optimized way to do it and keep consistency between meshes.
      • Fix Stuck Combat System, in some case the combat system and the meter became stuck after doing some actions too fast or playing with the Combat Mode’s switch, we’ve reworked the switches to fix this bug.
      • Fix sound/fire syncronisation, the fire sound was sometime played while the bullet was still not ejected or the gun not even ready to shoot, we’ve reorganized these actions to keep them syncronized even if there is lag in the ‘verse.
    • Optimized :
      • Communication between scripts, faster and less redundant.
  • Revision 1.0: first release