X-BENCH ELECTRO [4.0] *Update*

Introducing the X-Bench Electro, the latest innovation from Neurolab that brings modern style and functionality to your virtual environment.

This high-quality bench is meticulously crafted with ultra-realistic materials and luxury mesh, ensuring a visually stunning addition to your space. Its sleek design is complemented by its impressive features.

Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with the PG/Cuddles+ functionality. The X-Bench Electro offers a wide variety of high-quality animations, including cuddle couples poses, singles poses for both male and female avatars, and autoplay and sequence options for a dynamic experience.

Our commitment to quality is evident in the X-Bench Electro. With HQ LOD (Level of Detail) technology, the bench maintains its high-quality mesh and realistic appearance, regardless of the distance or LOD setting. Its land impact is optimized to a mere 8, ensuring efficient use of resources.

Navigating poses is effortless with the AV Sitter™2 System. This user-friendly system allows you to easily switch between different poses, while the AV Helper feature enables you to adjust the position of your avatar seamlessly.

Whether you’re enjoying a solo moment or sharing intimate moments with a loved one, the X-Bench Electro offers a range of animated singles and cuddle couples poses. Immerse yourself in the experience with autoplay and sequence options, reminiscent of movie scenes.

The custom menu system integrated into AV Sitter enhances the ease of use. Choose from six metal bench materials, including Black, White, Grey, Army, Metal, and Yellow (available in the Fatpack edition). Adjust the shine of the materials to your liking and personalize the LED lights with a selection of over 99 colors, thanks to our LED Control feature.

Say goodbye to unsightly poseballs, as the X-Bench Electro provides a clean and streamlined appearance while saving precious prim resources. With access control options for seats and customization settings, you can easily manage permissions for the bench, including owner, group, and all.

The X-Bench Electro is available in Black, Single Metal Edition, and Fatpack Edition. Choose the option that suits your style and indulge in the luxurious comfort and exceptional design that Neurolab is known for.

Elevate your virtual environment with the X-Bench Electro and create a space that exudes modern sophistication and relaxation.

Please visit our in-world Mainstore to try the demo.

Table of Contents


• High Quality Luxury Mesh, Ultra realistic Materials 

• HQ LOD : Our products are manufactured according to the rules of art! Robust LOD : High quality of MESH whatever the distance and the LOD setting! (does not disappear)

• AV Sitter ™2 System! This system is very easy to use to change poses
• AV Helper! Easy adjustment of avatar poses position

• Animated Singles poses
• Animated Cuddles Couples Poses
• AutoPlay and Sequences (Movies) (AV Sequence)

• Custom Menu System integrated to AV Sitter
• Metal select control
• 6 Choice Metal Bench Materials : Black – White – Grey – Army – Metal – Yellow
• Materials Shine adjust control
• Colors Leds : you have a large choices of +99 colors to customize leds by menu
• LEDs Control : ON/OFF

• Land Impact: 8

• No ugly poseballs so a nice way to save prims and look nice

• Permissions: Mod, Copy, NO Transfer
• 100% Mesh




(sit to have menu!)

MENU :  (choose Female or Male Seat)

  • ● PG SINGLE Male :
    • ► PLAY PG M : Auto play Solo animation for one seat
    • Pose 001 to 039
  • ● PG SINGLE Female :
    • ► PLAY PG F : Auto play Solo animation for one seat
    • Pose 001 to 039
  • ♥ CUDDLEs  1 :
    • ► PLAY Cud : Auto play animations in duo for two seats
    • Pose 001 to 006
  • ♥ CUDDLEs  2 :
    • ► PLAY Cud.2 : Auto play animations in duo for two seats
    • Pose 001 to 018
  • ✪ MISC :
    • Bonus Poses
  • ✇ MOVIES :
    • ► FULL PLAY (Complete movie)
    • List of sequence movies.

  • CUSTOM :
    • LED COLOR :
      • COLOR THIS : SET COLOR to this product
      • COLOR ALL :  SET COLOR to all this products on the sim. (SIMLINK)
    • ● LEDS :  Turn LEDS ON/OFF
    • PERMISSIONS :  (choose who can control)
      • Owner : Only owner can customize!
      • Group : Only group members can customize!
      • All: All avatars can customize
    • METAL : Change Materials Metal (Fatpack edtion only)
    • SHINES : ChangeMaterials Shine

■ How to Customize 

• Rez to floor. sit on product
• click to your item for popup menu
• click to “CUSTOM” then “LED COLOR” and choose “color this” or “color all”
• choose color categories.
• choose you colors.

Same for materials and shines…

      • : (AV Sitter options)


      • HELPER : adjust all animations. Dump and save (Owner mode)
      • POSE :  Personal adjustment
      • SECURITY :  (choose who can control Sit and Menu)
        • Owner : Only owner can change colors!
        • Group : Perfect for club owner want customize all sofa in club by one click. You can customize the lights also independently or all sofa/chair/table around 100 m.
        • All: Perfect for home, All avatars can change colors, also independently or all sofa/chair/table around 100 m.

■ About AVsitter™ 2.2

You can use Helper with “ADJUST” button to adjust all animations. (Owner mode)

Notecard Avpos is mod. So you can rename any poses and/or add your animations easyly.

Chat Commands :

The following chat commands can be typed into local chat while the [AV]adjuster and [AV]helper are in the furniture:

    • /5 helper – rezzes the helpers (alternate to using menu).
    • /5 cleanup – deletes the [AV]adjuster & [AV]helper from the prim.
    • /5 <avatar uuid> – moves the helper into the exact position of another avatar. Useful for copying positions from poseballs.
    • /5 targets – briefly shows the SitTargets in hovertext.

NOTE : Press Ctrl S to resync Animations.

More : https://avsitter.com/


This product requires the use of MESH CAPABLE Viewer.
SL viewer 3 or above or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Firestorm, …).
This product require Advanced Lighting Model activate to appreciate the materials !!


Revision 4.0 (RELEASED) 

  • Added :
    • NEW Polish Materials Urban
    • Many Choice Materials variants with select control

Revision 3.1 (RELEASED) 

  • Added :
    • New Custom Menu System V.3 Added
    • Many Choice Materials variants with select control
    • Materials Shine adjust control
    • LEDs Control : ON/OFF
    • Added : Ground Shadow Plane (If you don’t like, edit it’s face and turn it transparent)
  • Optimized :
    • Reduced Display Memory and NEW Materials Set for EEP

Revision 2.0 :

  • Added :
    • Av sitter 2.x integrated
    • Av Helper
    • Notecard MODDABLE
    • Bento HQ animations
  • Optimized :
    • Pose Menu

V1.0: First release