EV3 Skin (Full Pack)

Neurolab is excited to introduce the EV3 Skin, a revolutionary product that will elevate your avatar customization to new heights. This innovative skin package is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of mesh heads and bodies, ensuring compatibility and versatility.

Included with the EV3 Skin is a user-friendly HUD Applier, which simplifies the process of applying the skin to your mesh avatar. With just a few clicks, you can achieve a flawless and realistic look that enhances your overall appearance.

The HUD Applier supports popular mesh systems such as Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Eve, Catwa, Lelutka, and many more. This extensive compatibility ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of the EV3 Skin regardless of your preferred mesh brand.

When it comes to customization, the EV3 Skin offers a variety of options to suit your individual preferences. You have the choice between two skin variations: Normal or Materials. Whether you prefer a natural and subtle look or a more vibrant and glossy appearance, the EV3 Skin has you covered.

Additionally, the EV3 Skin comes with the Omega Fx extra feature, which allows you to control the glossiness and environment settings of the skin. This advanced capability empowers you to fine-tune the details and achieve your desired aesthetic.

Furthermore, we haven’t forgotten our classic avatar users. The EV3 Skin package includes a classic avatar skin, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this exceptional product.

At Neurolab, we strive to deliver premium-quality products that enhance your virtual experience. The EV3 Skin is no exception, offering a comprehensive and intuitive solution for mesh avatar skin customization.

Please note that the EV3 Skin is intended for personal use and should not be distributed without proper authorization. Upgrade your avatar’s appearance and unlock a new level of customization with the EV3 Skin from Neurolab.

– Full list here: https://lovenlustdesigns.blogspot.de/p/supported-meshes.html

* You need to have mesh heads and mesh bodys. This is only skin applier!.
* Omega System Kit for mesh heads and mesh bodys required!

Table of Contents


• Complete, menu-driven and EASY HUD Controller

• 2 choices of skin: Normal or Materials
• Omega Fx extra: Gloss-Env Control


• Classic Avatar skin included
• NO MOD – COPY permission


• [NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 SKIN (Classic head/Body avatar) – Permissions: No Mod – Copy
• [NeurolaB Inc.] HUD APPLIERS EV3 Skin (Mesh Avatars) – Permissions: No Mod – Copy

Head Appliers:
-LeLutka Bento

Body Appliers:

• Extra: [NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 SKIN SHAPE (classic avatar and bento)


■ “HOW TO USE with classic avatar”

– Wear the Skin [NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 SKIN (Classic head/Body avatar)

■  “HOW TO USE with Mesh avatar”

– wear the Omega System Kit for your avatar! you need activate relay before apply skin (Instructions for installing the kit are here: https://slpoweredbyomega.com/)

– Wear the [NeurolaB Inc.] HUD APPLIERS EV3 Skin (Mesh Avatars)

– Choose your skin mesh to HUD and click to Apply



This product requires the use of MESH CAPABLE Viewer.
SL viewer 3 or above or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Firestorm, …).
This product require Advanced Lighting Model activate to appreciate the materials !!


    • Revision 1.0: First release