Animated TAILS (Collection)

We are delighted to introduce the new Tail, featuring our exclusive integrated animated system, brought to you by Neurolab.

Crafted with 100% mesh+materials of the highest quality, the Tail boasts luxurious and ultra-realistic baked textures with shadows. It is designed to be compatible with all human avatars, including SL, mesh, and more.

With our complete, menu-driven, and user-friendly SMART HUD Custom Controller, you have full control over your Tail. Customize and tint it to your liking, with options for four different styles of light. The Metal parts are colorable, allowing for further personalization. You can toggle the Lights on or off, adjust their tint across two channels, and even enable or disable the animations. Fine-tune the shines of the materials to achieve your desired effect.

The tail options include:

Speed: You can choose from three different speeds. Speed 1 is the slowest and suitable for crowded or laggy environments. Speed 2 is slightly faster with smoother movement. Speed 3 is the fastest and ideal for well-optimized regions.

Resolution adjustment: When the tail moves too slowly (especially at speed 1), you can adjust the resolution to change the number of frames for the same movement. Resolution 1 is ideal for speed 1 but can also be used to make movements appear faster. Resolution 2 works well for speed 2 or 3, while resolution 3 is perfect for speed 3 and can be used with speed 2 to slow down the movements slightly.

Tail Animations feature:

  • Start initiates the tail’s movement, bringing it to life.
  • Stop halts the tail’s movement, allowing for a static position.
  • Normal mode offers fluid and random height movements.
  • Up mode keeps the tail elevated in the air.
  • Down mode keeps the tail closer to the ground, for a subtle and grounded appearance.

Tail Animations provide easy customization and control over your avatar’s tail movement, enhancing your virtual presence with dynamic and expressive animations.

Scale: You can modify the size of your tail by making it smaller or larger. You can also adjust the scale factor to make the end of the tail smaller or larger compared to its base.

In addition to its outstanding aesthetics, the Tail is built with high-quality LOD (Level of Detail), ensuring it maintains its professional video game quality even from a distance. The Stretch Resizer system, combined with FACTOR SCALE, allows for a perfect fit on all avatars, including children and Petites Avatar, providing maximum comfort and ease of use.

Please note that the Tail is available in various versions. For more information, please refer to the related options listed at the bottom of the page.

Please visit our in-world Mainstore to try the demo.

Table of Contents


• Complete, menu-driven and EASY SMART HUD Custom Controller
• 100% Mesh+materials 
• Fully customizable and tintable
• Choices of 4 styles of light
• Metal parts colorable
• Lights tintable (2 channels) + [on/off]
• Animations [on/off]
• Materials shines control


• H.Q LOD: PRODUCTS WITH ROBUST LOD (professional video game quality)! still looks good even from a distance!
• Stretch Resizer system+ FACTOR SCALE! for the perfect fit! Fast and Easy! perfect for all avatars, children and Petites Avatar!
• MOD – COPY permission
• Delete Script – NO LAG! Only 1 script! (Scripts professionals with memory optimization for better performance!)
• The tail are NOT rigged, allowing customization of scale, rotation and position. An easy to use menu allows for resizing


for the best customization : “many choices of features to make your product unique !”

• You can customize the Colors independently of 4 Parts by choosing your color, glow and shine for each part or all your Set products.
• Unlimited Colors, 16 Presets, Option Product.
• Synchronize all your outfits together with a few clicks.
• Selectors by ITEM, SET or ALL (10 m, 20 m, 100 m).
• Access to advanced options for each products.
• Scripts memory LOW LAG! FULL MESH! And much more … ( Compatible with all Neurolab products* )

(The items are NOT rigged, allowing customization of scale, rotation and position. An easy to use menu allows for resizing)


◦ [NeurolaB Inc.] TAIL
◦ [NeurolaB Inc.] N.PHONE SMART HUD
◦ Instructions notecard


– Wear the tail.

To open the menu, click on the base (the closest part to your body) of your tail


• HUD Custom

Connect the tail to customize with your SmartHUD

• Speed >

The tail is animated using a script, you can change the animation mode, scale it, but most important, set the speed and resolution, even if this tail is made with a single script there are many pieces to move and rotate at a high frequency and we have to take care about script time and lag

You can select 3 different speeds and 3 different resolutions.
The speed will affect the timer, then the framerate.
→ Speed 1 is the slowest, you can use it when you’re in a crowded place or a laggy place, this will reduce a lot the script time of your tail.
→ Speed 2 is a bit faster and use a bit more script time, the movement is smoother
→ Speed 3, the fastest : you can use it when you’re in a good region (not too many people, not too many scripts, …)

When the tail moves too slowly (Speed 1 essentially) you need to adjust the resolution, this will adjust the number of frame for a same movement

→ Resolution 1 : lowest number of frame, ideal for speed 1, but you can use it to make the movements looks faster
→ Resolution 2 : nice for Speed 2 or Speed 3
→ Resolution 3 : nice for Speed 3, you can use it with Speed 2 to make the movements looks a bit slower

Too see region’s info press CTRL+SHIFT+1 (or in menu “Advanced”=>”Performance Tools”=>”Statistics”. Click on “Time” to show more details and check the “Sleep time”. If it remains over 10 ms you can use Speed 2 or Speed 3, this region runs well. If it’s between 2 and 10 the region runs well but if there are often many people (an event maybe) check somtimes if the region is still ok. Under 2 ms it’s better to use Speed 1.

You can of course keep the tail at Speed 3 all the time, it’s not a grieffing tool, it will not kill the region… but keep in mind that in an event you can help a bit too reduce script time 

• Scale >

You can modify the scale of your tail, make it smaller, larger, change the scale factor between first and last pieces

→ Reset : reset all scale settings
→ Global / Length / Width / Height : update the scale in all directions (global) or in a specific direction
→ Factor : this factor is used to make the end of the tail smaller than its base (if it is less than 1) or bigger (more than 1). You can set it from 0.9 to 1.2.

• Start                             The tail starts moving

• Stop                             The tail stops moving

• Normal                         This is the default movement type of the tail, it can go at random heights

• Up                             The tail remains in air

• Down                           The tail remains low


This product requires the use of MESH CAPABLE Viewer.
SL viewer 3 or above or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Firestorm, …).
This product require Advanced Lighting Model activate to appreciate the materials !!


Watch this VIDEO in full screen

if you do not already have your N.Phone HUD, you will find one in the product folder

Please follow these steps to connect the product to your Smart HUD app: 

  • 1 – Wear Smart Hud
  • 2 – Click on the product to open the settings menu (click on the base (the closest part to your body) of your tail to open Menu settings)
  • 3 – Use the ‘HUD CUSTOM‘ button to establish a connection with the product & HUD
  • 4 – The Smart HUD app will automatically launch 
  • 5 – Now you can customize…


  • To customize Colors, Glow, Shine, Opacity… Open Colors Tab. Here you can save presets and more..
  • To customize style and options, Open Options Tab. Here you can adjust many features.


Revision 2.2Fix few bugs

Revision 2.0improved scripts

Revision 1.0.0first version