SF URBAN ROADS KIT [3.2] *Update*

Introducing the SF Urban Roads and Pavement Building Kit from Neurolab, the essential item for creating realistic city environments!

This comprehensive pack includes an easy-to-use HUD creator, allowing you to effortlessly build your roads and pavements. With 18 modular pieces designed specifically for city construction, you have all the necessary components at your fingertips.

Experience the highest quality with our High Quality Luxury Mesh and ultra-realistic materials. We prioritize realism to ensure that your cityscape looks authentic and visually stunning.

The easy HUD rezzing system simplifies the road-building process, making it accessible even for those with limited building experience. Create roads with ease using the intuitive HUD interface.

The pack consists of 18 different pieces, including straights, turns, junctions, parking spaces, crosswalks, and more. These modular elements allow you to customize your city layout according to your specific requirements.

Personalize your roads with colorable LEDs controlled by the HUD. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors to add a dynamic and visually appealing touch to your city streets.

Select from four different materials: black, metal, yellow, and white tintable (available in the fatpack). The white tintable material provides even more versatility, allowing you to customize it to suit your desired aesthetic.

Our products are manufactured with the highest standards in mind. The HQ LOD technology ensures that our meshes maintain their quality regardless of distance or LOD settings. Rest assured that your roads and pavements will always be visible, enhancing the overall immersion of your cityscape. Additionally, our professional script memory optimization guarantees a lag-free experience, maximizing performance and ensuring a seamless construction process.

Embrace the urban ambiance with the SF Urban Roads and Pavement Building Kit. Create stunning cityscapes that will impress and captivate your residents and visitors alike.

Please visit our in-world Mainstore to try the demo.

Table of Contents


• High Quality Luxury Mesh, Ultra realistic Materials


• HQ LOD : Our products are manufactured according to the rules of art! Robust LOD : High quality of MESH whatever the distance and the LOD setting! (does not disappear)
• NO LAG! Professional Script memory optimization for best performance!


- [Neurolab Inc.] HUD SF ROAD KIT (Clean) [3.2]
- [Neurolab Inc.] HUD SF ROAD KIT (Dirt) [3.2]


• NLAB HUD Contents :

1 – Turn A (LEFT or RIGHT) – 21.5×21.5 m, (18li)
2 – 3-Ways T (Normal or Inverse) – 28×21,5 m, (11li)
3 – Large A – 19×10 m, (3li)
4 – Large B Park – 19×12 m, (2li)
5 – Large B – 19×12 m, (1li)
6 – Large C – 19×10 m, (2li)
7 – Straight – 15×8 m, (1li)
8 – Straight – 15×4 m, (1li)
9 – Crossroads – 28×28 m, (22li)
10 – Straight B – 15×8 m, (1li)
11 – Turn B (LEFT or RIGHT) – 21.5×21.5 m, (10li)
12 – Straight – 15×32 m, (2li)
13 – Crosswalk – 15×4 m, (1li)
14 – Straight – 15×16 m, (1li)
15 – Dead End – 15×21.5 m, (9li)


Always tell to the elements who ask it, in which direction you want them to extend the road BEFORE rezzing another element !!!

– Wear the HUD and click on the element you want to use to start your road, the first element will ask you in which direction you want to extend your road from this element, use the compass above the HUD to know in which direction your avatar is actually looking to choose the right direction. Move this element using the Second Life editor to put it where you want to start your road (Right click=>Edit). It’s a bad idea to change the orientation of this element manually, if you choosed the wrong direction, delete this element and start again by rezzing a new element with the HUD.

– If you select a turn on the HUD (n°1 and n°11), these elements will ask you if you want them to be a left or a right turn. The rule is simple, the direction will be left or right of the last element you’ve rezzed.

– If you rez a T or a X element (n°2 and n°9) these elements will ask you if the next element should be on its North, East, South or West. Again, use the Compass above the HUD to know in which direction you want to extend the road.

– Element 3 is the START of the large road (PARK), element 6 is the END of the large road, always use element 3 to start the large road and element 6 to end the large road.

– If you want to extend your road from an element in the middle of your road (From a T or a X element by example) simply click on this road in world (not on the HUD) and select the direction in the dialog menu, you can also do it if you did a mistake by rezzing the wrong element, just delete the faulty element and click on the last element to start back from this one.


• i : Go to the online documentation.

 x : Detach the HUD.

• trash : Delete all rezzed roads who still have the script in them.

• LEDS: change the colors of road lights

• SIDEWALK: change the MATERIALS of road pavements (FATPACK ONLY)

• Del.Scripts: delete each script in roads. Attention after that the link with the HUD will not work anymore!

Warning! If you want to link the elements together, make sure you have deleted the scripts before with the HUD! Once linked together, the customization will not work as intended!

Straight lines can be resized, do an edit links, select the root and enter your desired length. Do the same for the mesh part of the road.


This product requires the use of MESH CAPABLE Viewer.
SL viewer 3 or above or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Firestorm, …).
This product require Advanced Lighting Model activate to appreciate the materials !!


  • Revision 3.2 (RELEASED) 
    • Added :
      • NEW CLEAN Materials Themes (4 Colors)
  • Revision 3.1  
    • Fixed :
      • Floating Text on Crosswalk part
  • Revision 3.0  
    • Added :
      • NEW Materials Themes (4)
      • FATPACK Edition
  • Revision 2.0 
    • Added :
      • EASY HUD REZZER with construction system added !
  • Revision 1.0  
    • Added :
      • First release