TITAN 4.x Built-ins Apps System

App Manager

A Real manager of applications !

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How to use

Watch this VIDEO in full screen on Youtube : N.PHONE – APP Manager & Desk Hack [TUTORIAL] (1080p)

The manager of applications integrated into Titan OS allows to visualize quickly all the applications installed on his N.PHONE and proposes numerous options, to optimize the functioning of your N.PHONE.

Performs various actions, such as:

  • Uninstall any application with 1 click
  • Display the version number of the application
  • Force stop these applications to free resources
  • Move and organize applications on your desktop ( small arrows to the right)
  • Sort applications icons categories: Home, Games, My favs etc .. (12 available)
  • The categories are directly accessible at the top of the application and will automatically appear when you will add it!


 Move application in a category

– Click on the application you want to move

– On the page of the application, click the “Category” icon (the first top)

 A page opens with 12 categories, choose one!

Well, you’re done!


 Uninstall application

– Click on the application you want to delete

– On the page of the application, click on the trash icon “Uninstall” at the bottom

Well, you’re done!


 Deactivate application

– Click the application which you wish to deactivate

– On the page of the application, click the icon “Active” below

Well, it’s done!

Proceed in the same way to reactivate the application!

Sound Controls

Complete settings of your system sounds!

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How to use

Titan integrates a big library by default that you can customize!
Customize easily your sounds volume, bells, notifications and alarms sounds

■ Options:

  • System Volume: Adjust the overall volume of system sounds
  • Mute All: turn all N.PHONE sounds muted (the icon volume status bar also allows you to do it quickly)
  • Ringtone: Allows you to choose your ringtone, adjust volume
  • Notice: You can choose your notification sound, adjust volume
  • Alarm: Allows you to select your alarm sound, adjust volume


■ Customization:

You can add your own sounds in your N.Phone (through your N.Dock), but you need to rename them so that the system knows what each sound is:

  • ringtones add “Ringtone::” in front, for example “Ringtone::My Ring”
  • Notifications add “Notification::” in front, for example “Notification::Diling”
  • Alarms: add “Alarm::” in front, for example “Alarm::alerte02”

Settings App


Advanced Settings N.PHONE HUD

Performs various actions, such as

  • Resize your HUD with fine adjustments
  • Use the 3 preset sizes settings
  • Enable / disable system updates
  • Check: Get the latest version of Titan OS


  • RLV Detection: Default OFF

Enable this option to detect the state of RLV (Restrained Love Viewer)


  • RLV – Lock my N.Phone: Default OFF

Enable this option to “block” your NPhone, you can no longer remove.
You can change clothes without having to re wear your NPhone.
Requires compatible viewer with active RLV.

■ Minimize application categories

Now you can minimize the categories down your main window instead of seeing them as applications, to do this launch the application System Settings and switch the setting “Minimize APP categories” to “ON”

Date and Time

The date and time can be displayed with four different fonts (black, white, black with white edging, white with black edging), while on main window, click on the time to switch between them and choose the one that best matches with your wallpaper.

To change the time:
– Start the system application Settings
– Click on the clock
– Use the arrows to adjust the time

The date will automatically adjust depending on the hour, depending on your time zone.
You can enable / disable the AM / PM Mode (12h display) and choose whether to display the date and time.

Date Format

You can change the format and language, edit the notecard “_N.Phone Date Format”

  • The first line is the display format, by default: day, month xx
    “day” is the day of the week (monday, tuesday, ..)
    “month” is… the month
    “xx” is the day from 1 to 31

You can replace “xx” by “XX” to display the day of the month from 01 to 31 (forcing “0” to appear for number low than 10)
Any other character will be retained as the comma in the default format, “day, month xx” will display eg “Tuesday, October 13”

  • The second line represents days of the week

You can change the display of days names, eg: mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun or Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi, Dimanche

  • The third line represents the month

You can change the display of months names, eg: Jan, Feb, Mar, …. or janvier, février, mars, ….

In example, we would have:
xx day month
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Advanced Settings N.PHONE (HAND)

Performs various actions, such as

  • Wallpaper Sync: Enable / Disable syncing your wallpapers
  • Sync App background: Enable / Disable syncing your active applications windows
  • Sync App Icons: Enable / Disable syncing your desktop application icons


■ Network / Scan Region

– Show my N.Phone

  • ON: We can add to you in contact
  • OFF: Your name does not appear in the search for contact (scan region or manual addition)

■ Show my applications

  • ON: Everybody can invite you to launch an application/Game
  • OFF: Only your contacts can invite you to launch an application/Game


New System Application

How to use

Choose which days of the week the alarm will sound, use the arrows to set the time.
When the alarm sounds, click the bell flashes in the taskbar of your N.Phone to stop it.
The application uses your Alarm sound settings and will play the selected alarm at the selected volume.

Notes :

  • Built in apps can’t be uninstall
  • update available only with Titan O.S