Theme app

Customize Titan OS and your desk!

Customize Titan OS

■ Themes application allows you to

  • choose / add your wallpaper (16 by default)
  • UI Status Bar: Choose your status bar color (black or white color + system)
  • UI icons APP: Choose your theme application icons from 4 themes already available
  • UI System Menu: Enable custom color system for compatible applications and much more …
  • Wallpapers Scroll: Enable auto scrolling wallpapers (2 minutes) + random mode
  • Quick Selector with preview of wallpapers

■ Customize your wallpapers

– Import your favorite collections of screen in SL for the size(format) 1:2 (256×512 recommended)
– Rename with ” WP:: ” in front of them names, example: WP:: my – wallpaper
– Copy in your N.DOCK then make the transfer!

Here is! They are now available in “Themes” APP

( You can add so much that you wish it, and to make them scroll with the option ” Wallpapers Scroll ” on ONE for example

Creation of Themes

A SDK kit to creates your Themes TITAN system and applications is available


Notes :

All the customization made will be synchronized on your N.PHONE screen (version hand) including your! (Well on if you do not want to show the synchronization screen, in the private respect for life! An option is available in settings for it deactivated)




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