Smart Hud App (Built-in)

The main Custom application for our products !


  • User Interface Fast and easy!
  • All NEUROLAB products are compatible with the SMART HUD application and provide complete and accurate customization to make your unique products!
  • Sync all your products together in just a few clicks away!
  • Access to advanced options for each product
  • SWITCH ACCURATE: chart with unlimited colors
  • You can customize the color of the lights / alpha / Glow independently for 4 predefined groups! For each of the products!
  • Options Selector Individual in SETS, or ALL items (attached or not within 10 m, 20 m, 100 m and sim full)
  • 16 predefined blocks ahead to customize. Each block allows you to save your color, alpha and glow chosen!
  • Updates Free for Life! And much more …


How To Use Smart Hud

■ How To Connect Hud

  • 1 – Wear Smart Hud
  • 2 – Click on your product to open the menu (see product details to find where to click if the menu doesn’t appear)
  • 3 – Click on “HUD CUSTOM” button on this menu to connect the product to the HUD
  • 4 – Smart HUD app automatically opens
  • 5 – now you can customize..

■ How To Customize Colors / Style

  • To customize Colors, Glow, Shine, Opacity… Open Colors Tab. Here you can save presets and more…
  • To customize style and options, Open Options Tab. Here you can adjust many features…


  • The default color selection boxes have glow and shine at 00. Do not forget to save (drag and drop) your new personal color selections with glow and brightness set to get the most out of the materials on your products.
  • Built in apps can’t be uninstall
  • update available only with Titan O.S



✎  Changelog

Revision 4.0.0:

  • v.4


Contact – Assistance

  • Technical Support : Contact « Rohacan Hirons » by Notecard
  • Join the customers groups (If you need help, feel free to ask in our groups)
  • If you have any questions, suggest or others, send me a notecard to « Ono Zinner »