N.PHONE HUD – Technical specifications

Quick and easy user interface

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  • Resizer to perfect view on any screens
  • Next Generation Full Mesh HUD Technologie
  • Fully controlled by a next generation Operating System and Built-in Apps (Titan OS)!
  • Built-In Smart SDK and much more!
  • Professional Scripting, memory optimized for best performance!


Recommended HUD Size for your Screen:

– 27′ resizer: 100%
– 21′ resizer: 115%
– 13′ resizer: 130%

Adjust HUD on Screen

You can adjust the two positions regardless (Open and reduced) ! the N.PHONE has a central attachment!

– Start by positioning your N.PHONE in open position on your screen (right-click it and then modify).

– You can place it where you want! Once the position of the latter defined, close the edit mode and put your N.PHONE in position Statusbar Dock (closed)

– Edit (right-click it and then modify), and then select “edit linked” / “change related parties” in the editing window

– Then select the bottom right hand corner, and then place the Statusbar Dock where you want on your screen!

Voila, you can close the edit mode! Your 2 Huds  positions are placed!

Notes :

  • ALL N.PHONE VERSION (S – X – X PRO) work similar
  • Never Change attach point
  • Multiple N.PHONE creation possibility (duplicate in inventory)

N.Phone HUD Update

✎  Changelog

Revision 4.x:  NEW N.PHONE HUD MESH

Revision 3.x:  NEW N.PHONE HUD MESH

Revision 2.x: Not changed

Revision 1.x.x: First release