N-Chimera App

The Next Gen Advanced Dance HUD !

Most advanced Dance HUD to play and manage your Dances


  • Quick and easy user interface
  • Easily add/remove slots to invite up to 35 avatars
  • Works in No-Script areas!!
  • Random mode, Unsynchronized mode, Solo/Group mode
  • Timer Adjust, Load/Play unlimited notecards (playlists)
  • Status bar with the chimera’s buttons when the HUD is closed.
  • Customize your apps and UI with your favorite color
  • This application is ONLY for N.PHONE by Neurolab Inc.
  • Free updates for Life!
  • Works in no-script areas!




How to use



– First, click the “Install” button

– Then choose the number of “Slots”. If you want to use your application only for you choose “0”

– Wait for the end of the Installation

– To adjust the number of slots, just use the installer again and click “slots” button to choose the new
number of maximal slots. (full reinstall isn’t required)

– To obtain DanceBall, click the button ” Ball ”

■ How to Install your dances

2 possibilities!

– With the N-DOCK: drag and drop animations from your inventory in the content tab of your N.DOCK.
(See the manual N.DOCK)
– Or manually: drag and drop animations from your inventory in the content tab of your N.PHONE.

– Or manually: slide your animations of your inventory on the N.PHONE.


■ Creations of your playlist

* If you have numerous dances, use the N.DOCK which will generate you your Playlists automatically
(See the manual N.DOCK)

– You will find in the contents of your N.PHONE a notecard of example:

” _NChimera: My list ” with the instructions.

– You can duplicate it, and rename to your taste! Example: _NChimera: rap Dances


■ Content of the notecard example (_NChimera: My list) :

-- Your notecard will be read faster if you use less lines
-- You can add multiple animations in the same line, just use this character |
-- Example :
monkey|my sexy dance|Relax|Relax 2|(F) This is a dance
-- You can add spaces for a better readability
-- Example :
monkey | my sexy dance | Relax | Relax 2 | (F) This is a dance
-- Warning : max 255 bytes per line, double quot character ( " ) use 2 bytes 
-- Add your animations under this line-----------------------------------------------------


Well, your application is ready to run! 


Notes :

  • Set Timer: Choose the time between each dances
  • Playlists Chain: Play all your playlists

N-Chimera Ball “How to Use”

To use the Ball Dance, you can either wear it or place it on the ground.

By clicking on a menu appears:
– POWER: On / Off
– VISIBLE: to make visible / invisible

By default it is attached to pivot “center Avatar” but you can change and adjust.

People who click on it will be automatically added to your N-Chimera.


✎  Changelog

Revision 4.4.0 (RELEASED) 

  • Fixed :
    • Some bugs

▪ Revision 4.0.1

Fixed an issue with the N-Chimera Ball
Fixed an issue with pause command (current dance didn’t stop before the next one starts)

▪ Revision 3.0.0: Titan 3.x compatible

▪ Revision 1.0.7 Changelog: => fix : missing icon to remove an avatar from the list
▪ Revision 1.0.6: First Release Public
▪ Revision 1.0.x: Private Beta