Files Manager App

Content Manager APP For N.Phone !


Easily and Quickly manage your files in your N.Phone

– Quick and easy user interface 
– Get Copy / Delete files 
– Sort by genre (11 category) 
– Works in No-Script Areas ! 

– Support :

Apps images – Other Images – Wallpapers images 
Objects – Notecards – Apps Scripts – Other Scripts – Sounds 
Landmarks – Animations – Other (gestures, clothes and bodyparts)

– Customize the app with your favorite UI color 

Quick Help Icons interface options: 
– Trash icon : delete file 
– Floppy Disk icon : Get a copy

– This application is ONLY for the N.PHONE by Neurolab Inc. 
– Lifetime free updates !

How to use

Click on an inventory type icon on top menu to select which type of items you want to see in the list below

You can click on the trash icon on the right of an item name to delete it.

Click on an item name to show its full name and the option “Get a copy” to receive a copy of this item into your inventory.
Click on your N.Phone back button to go back to the items list.



✎  Changelog

Revision 4.4.2 (RELEASED) 

  • Added :
    • New feature : REZ ITEM

Revision 4.4.0

  • Added :
    • NEW version 4.x
  • Fixed :
    • FIX small Bugs.

▪ Revision 3.0.0: Titan 3.x compatible

▪   1.0.8 Changelog: public version
▪   1.0.0 Changelog: beta