Customize App

Customize your N.PHONE Skins Covers

How to use

■ How to Customize your Skin Cover N.PHONE

To customize your skin cover, colors system and leds you have the application ” Customize ” based on Smart HUD !

■ COLORS: Allows you to choose custom colors

  • Zone 1 : Color of front Cover
  • Zone 2 : Color of the back Cover
  • Zone 3 : Color hue customized system (UI) +LED
  • Zone 4 : Color/glow/alpha of the HOLOGRAM (photos viewer) V.4.x

OPTIONS : Allows you to choose the look of the front panel (cover), back (cover) and edge (Frame Case) independently from a wide selection offered as white with tinted option with your favorite color. Or black, aluminum, dark metal or carbon!

The buttons “CUSTOM” allows you to scroll through and select different SKINS added to your N.PHONE!

Creation of Skins

A SDK kit to creates your Covers Skin is available


Notes :

All the customization made will be synchronized on your N.PHONE version hand including your screen! (Well on if you do not want to show the synchronization screen, in the private respect for life! An option is available in settings for it deactivated)

(In every updates system, quite your parameters and settings will not be erased)




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