Cam Tweak App

Camera Viewer Control APP!


Fully Control your Point of View
Improve perspective experience in SL!

– Adjust the parameters with real-time sliders, and save your camera values to memory slots

  • Quick and easy user interface
  • Move Cross with Precise adjustement
  • Power On/Off
  • Precise Zoom and Smooth Controls
  • 8 Memory slots to Load or Save your current camera parameters
  • Works for all sizes of avatar, Perfect for Tiny, Petite and large!
  • Works in No-Script Areas!!
  • Professional Scripting, memory optimized for best performance!
  • This application is ONLY for the N.PHONE by Neurolab Inc.
  • Lifetime free updates!

How to use

Click on the power icon to turn ON the camera replacement.

Click on a preset name to select it.

Close the application, it will run in background. To stop the camera replacement open the application, click on the power icon.



Use arrows and zoom slider to adjust the camera position

Use the smooth slider to adjust the camera rotation speed

Click on floppy disk icon to save the current camera setting on a preset.

Click on the pen icon to rename a preset


Notes :

  • This application can run in the background.


✎  Changelog

Revision 4.4.0 (RELEASED) 

  • Added :
    • NEW version 4.x
  • Fixed :
    • FIX small Bugs.

Revision 3.0.0:

  • – NEW Version 3.0 

Revision 2.0.0: TITAN OS 1.x

Revision 1.x.x: TITAN OS 1.x