AV Meet (Free App)

Great dating app for hooking up with others !

With the innovative AV Meet,

you can use your GPS based search view to find people near you who are looking to hook up and find new friends, love and more…



  • Quick and easy user interface
  • Interests: Meet, Love and Sex 
  • Preferences: male, female and shemale 
  • Database or GPS based search for finding singles nearby ! 
  • Meet or hook up with people by selecting preference, interests and proximity 
  • SMS 120 characters, Moods (8 choice), Languages (8 choice) 
  • PRIVACY Mode: Show / hide my location, Name, Profile, Show / hide in search and much more..
  • Works in No-Script Areas ! 
  • This application is ONLY for the N.PHONE by Neurolab Inc. 
  • Lifetime free updates !


How to use

Top menu:

  1. Search people
  2. Display your favorite users
  3. Display your banned users
  4. Check your messages
  5. Turn On/Off your profile
  6. Settings

Bottom menu:

  1. People from anywhere
  2. People in this region
  3. People searching for love
  4. People searching friends
  5. People showing their location
  6. Refresh

First thing to do is to edit your profile (see “Edit my profile”)

Click on search icon, use bottom menu to filter the result.

Click on a user pic to see his name and preference.

5 actions are available from there:

  1. Send a message to this avatar
  2. Get a link to the profile (only available if the user shows his real username)
  3. Teleport to this avatar (only available if the user share his location)
  4. Add this user to your favorites
  5. Add this user to your ban list

Edit my profile

You can select up to 3 languages to filter people matching at least one of yours.

Select a mood by clicking one of the smileys

Set your gender

Select one or more genders you want to find

Select one or more interests (meet / love / sex)

Check the box near your picture if you want to display a custom picture you made for Av-Meet (see “Change my custom pic”), uncheck it if you want to show your real profile picture.

Check the box near the name to display a custom/fake name instead of your real username. Click on the name to change it.

Click on “Save” to register.

You can always change your profile at any time!

Change my custom pic

Rez or wear your N.Dock, if necessary clear its content using the menu.

Put your picture in the content tab of your N.Dock, rename it exactly like this:

_AvMeet : MyPic

Open your N.Dock menu, select “Transfer” and “Override” (don’t forget to close any opened application before to start the transfer)

SMS – Messages page – MENU HELP

– Senders names are listed here. Clic on a name to see the message, then you can:

  • Reply to this message
  • Ban this user, this will delete all messages from him. He will not be able to found you again using the research and will not be able to send you another message.
  • Delete the message

To prevent spam we have limited the number of messages from one user to an other to five. You will not be able to send a new message to someone if he already get five messages from you and doesn’t delete some of them.

– Allowed characters in messages : a-z, A-Z, 0-9, spaces, !:;.,”#$%&'()*+-/\<=>?@[]^_`{}~


Real username VS custom name :

  • To differentiate real username and custom name the latter are written between quotation marks :
    • a real username: rohacan.hirons
    • a custom name: “Rohacan”

    If you use your real username, other users will be able to find your second life profile and contact you directly via IMs


✎  Changelog

Revision 4.4.0:

  • Fix delete message function.

Revision 4.1.0:

  • Updated message icon on status bar, it will now be hidden when you have 0 unread message.
  • Fix to flags and moods pics
  • New Gui 4.x

Revision 3.0.0:

  • NEW V 3.0 (new design, optimization and system improvement)

Revision 2.0.0:  V 2.0

Revision 1.x.x: TITAN OS 1.x