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Allows you to Search, View and Buy all Apps for N.PHONE!
  • The App Store is an online store for referencing all applications
  • Learn all of the latest news in this shop and different features
  • Discover , Shop and enjoy on your N.PHONE!



How to use

– To buy apps, first you need to add Credits to your N.PHONE with our Terminal (N.PHONE STORE)

 (1 CR = L$1)

 How to buy Credits

You can find N.Phone Terminal Credits (NTC) at N.Phone Store in our mainland only!

– Pay the terminal of the amount which you wish and the credits will automatically be added to your account.

– All transactions are secure and stored safely in our database server!
– You can use to redeliver any previously purchased Apps and check for updates quickly!
– When you download a paid or free app on APP STORE, the app is connected to your Account. This means you can reinstall downloaded apps to new or reset devices without purchasing them again.

(Any bought credits added to the N.Phone is not refundable!)

HOW TO BUY application/game

– It’s Easy! Click on the App icon you want. This opens the App page with details and price

– Click on cart and you receive the app installer boxed to your inventory



A notification icon (2 horizontal arrows) displays on your Status bar  when one or more updates of application is available!

Click this icon to go directly on the Update page of the apps.

( All the applications posted on this page are to be updated)

– Search for the application that you want to update/redeliver
– Select it and click on the redelivery icon and you receive the app installer boxed to your inventory
– Done!


Notes :


  • Always start install/update application having left (close) any application launched



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