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FX08 CatSuit (100% MESH Fitted) *NEW*

Neurolab is proud to present to you the new FX08 Catsuit Black Carbon (100% MESH FITTED)

100% Mesh+materials (high quality luxury mesh, ultra realistic baked textures with Bumpiness and Shininess)

The suit are supplied with a HUD customization “Smart Hud,” which allows you to customize 5 different zones with an infinite number of combinations.
Customize everything! Colors, Glow, Shine, Materials, Leds animations… simply and easily.
Includes 12 different animations choice and many options, these are all accessible via the hud.

Create an infinite number of unique color combinations to match your style

These suit are compatible with: Classic Avatar, Eve Slim, Maitreya Lara, Slink woman, Catwa & Lelutka head.

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Gem-X Shoes – MESH [Neurolab Inc.]

Neurolab is proud to present you the New Gem-X Shoes.

*NEW version for SMART HUD* (Free Update – 1.6)

Futuristic ultra-sexy Shoes (100% Mesh), highly realistic details, in Carbon, Leather and metal.
includes HUD customize with Unlimited Lights Colors Parts With 4 Channels
(Create an infinite number of unique lights color combinations to match your style).

[NeurolaB Inc] GEM-X Boots - Poster Final 2013._1
[NeurolaB Inc.] GEM-X Boots - HUD Poster Final 2012_1

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