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Ocular Implants EX-5 V.2 (LASER System Edition) [EN]

Features Details

Neurolab is proud to present to you the new Ocular implants with our Exclusive Real LASER System integrated! (FX 3D Ribbons)

100% Mesh+materials (high quality luxury mesh, ultra realistic baked textures with shadows.)
Unisex, all human avatars (sl,mesh,etc…) compatible

The eyes are supplied with a HUD customization “Smart Hud,” which allows you to customize 4 different zones with an infinite number of combinations.
Customize everything! Colour regardless Iris, pupils, globes, lasers with Smarthud simply and easily.
Includes 12 different Iris and many Animations options, these are all accessible via the hud.

Auto-focus adjustable random Animations on 2 parts (eyes, Iris) and advanced pupil characteristics.
The eyes are fully editable, customizable and fully colorable to go to your avatar.

Create an infinite number of unique color combinations to match your style.



• Complete, menu-driven and EASY SMART HUD Custom Controller
• Fully customizable
• Eye iris and auto focus with random animations [on/off] and pupils features
• Asymmetrical customization! personalize only the right or the left eye separately
• 12 iris style choices
• 4 channels: 2 Leds Lights, globe and lasers Tint

■ LASER FEATURES (Bionic Add-on)

Exclusive REAL LASER System integrated! With Crazy effect to burn/draw on ground, walls,.. in mouselook! ( No Limit! uses Castray, Particles and Ribbons system)

• Asymmetrical customization for eyes colors
• Each laser eye can be turn [on/off]
• Burn trail effect turn [on/off]
• Duration adjustment in sec. (burn)
• Avatars/Objects Detection/collision with Push! [on/off]


• Resizer system for the perfect fit! Fast and easy! perfect for all avatars, children and Petites Avatar!
• Sound Control [on/off] and Volume adjust

• Lock Eyes Control [on/off] (perfect for photos)
• MOD – COPY permission
• Delete Script – NO LAG! Only 1 script! (Scripts professionals with memory optimization for better performance!)
• The eyes are NOT rigged, allowing customization of scale, rotation and position. An easy to use menu allows for resizing

■ SMART HUD “for the best customization : “many choices of features to make your product unique !”

• You can customize the Colors independently of 4 Parts by choosing your color, glow and shine for each part or all your Set products.
• Unlimited Colors, 16 Presets, Option Product.
• Synchronize all your outfits together with a few clicks.
• Selectors by ITEM, SET or ALL (10 m, 20 m, 100 m).
• Access to advanced options for each products.
• Scripts memory LOW LAG! FULL MESH! And much more … ( Compatible with all Neurolab products* )


Package Includes :

• [Neurolab Inc.] Ex-5 Eyes left and right – MESH 1.0 – Permissions: Mod – Copy
• [NeurolaB Inc.] SMART Customization HUD – MESH – Permissions: Copy
• [Neurolab Inc.] EX-5 *HELP*





– Wear the eyes.

– Click to eye for open “Menu setting”, then adjust your size, volume, laser features..

– To make the standard eyes invisible, wear the included Alpha Mask



– Custom L / R:
Connect the left eye (L) or right eye (R) to customize your SmartHUD
– To change both eyes simultaneously select SET mode on your SmartHUD
– To change a look at both select the ITEM guide (ITM)

– Scale:
Adjust the size of the eyes

– Sound:
Your eyes emit a sound when using the laser, use the “Sound” menu to adjust / mute the volume.
You can replace the sound if you wish to edit it the right eye, remove the sound file in content and slip your own sound.

– Lasers:
Burn: Adjust the length of the trace left by the lasers
¤ Left: Enable / disable the laser in the left eye
¤ Right: Turn on / off the laser of the right eye

Hit AV: activate avatars/objects detection/collision with lasers and Push them!

– Delete Script:
Deletes the script in both eyes. You can not customize them using the SmartHUD and can not use the laser.
Remember to always keep a copy scripted.

 – LOCK:  [on/off]



– Wear the Smart HUD, Click to “CUSTOM L” or “CUSTOM R”  button to eyes menu for connect HUD and customize..

– To customize eyes style, open Option Tab. here you can adjust speeds, textures and other features…

– To customize both eyes in same time, hit SET!

See picture for details:

Features Details



Use of lasers: Enter mouselook (1st person view) and keep your left mouse button pressed

Permission to track the camera

The first time you use the lasers you must accept the request for permission to track your camera.
If you log out or move to another region this authorization will be lost and you will have to renew it at the next use of the laser.

To avoid this, once you’ve given permission:
– Fire laser in front of you, near your feet
– Display transparent objects (CTRL + ALT + T)
– Look for a small cube to the location of the impact of lasers, pick it up
– Dettach your right eye, drop it on the floor, edit it
– Delete the object “Nlab CyberEye Laser” from its contents
– Drag the object “Nlab CyberEye” from your inventory (the one you picked) to the contents of the eye
– Take it and wear it
– Hide transparent objects again (CTRL + ALT + T)


Permissions field: lasers operate only on the grounds where you can create objects and execute scripts
Regions: lasers work only on the area where your avatar is, if there is another region next you can not pull it, lasers will stop at the border.
Master Eye: The right eye is essential if you want to wear the left eye only, make a copy of the right eye and attach the left:
– Right-click
– “Attached to”
– Left eyeball
The eye is not the right way to fix it:
– Edit
– Change the rotation values in the General tab of the window:
X = 0
Y = 90
Z = 270

– Updates Changelog

✎ List

Revision 2.0:
• Lock Eyes Control [on/off] (perfect for photos)
• Reduce Avatar Complexity (L.I)

Revision 1.1.0: Fix permissions laser when OFF
Revision 1.0.8: Laser System update:  Avatars/Objects Detection/collision with Push! on / off
Revision 1.0.0: first version


Contact – Assistance

� If you have any questions, suggest or others , send me a notecard to “Ono Zinner”.
� Technical Support: Contact “Rohacan Hirons” by Notecard.

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© Neurolab Inc.
No templates or prefabricated Mesh/Sculpties used. Violation will result in DMCA take down notification towards Linden. Any Copy or Imitation will be considered a Copyright Violation in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) unless authorized by ono Zinner himself, and treated accordingly.