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NEUROLAB presents the revolutionary SMART HUD Universal APP!

• Quick and easy user interface!

• 1 HUD for all NEUROLAB products!

  • All NeuroLab products are compatible with the SMART HUD and provide a complete and accurate personalization to make your unique products!
  • Synchronize all your products together with just a few clicks!
  • Access to advanced options for each products
  • PRECISE SELECTOR: Color Picker with unlimited colors
  • You can personalize the color of the lights/alpha/Glow independently for 4 predefined groups! For each of the products!
  • Selector Items Individually, as a SET, or ALL attached items (10 m, 20 m, 100 m) and much more …
  • 16 Preset blocks of spaces to personalize. Every block allows the  color, alpha, glow and SHINE selected to be saved!
  • Scripts memory LOW LAG! FULL MESH!
  • Lifetime free updates!And much more …




✎ UPDATES / Changelog

4.0: integrated into NPHONE



Contact – Assistance
� If you have any questions, suggest or others , send me a notecard to “Ono Zinner”.
� Technical Support: Contact “Rohacan Hirons” by Notecard.

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latest creations, events, promo and benefit from our exclusive sales!


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