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KRAY-4 Management+Security System (Update V.4.2)

NEUROLAB is proud to present you the new KRAY Management+Security System V.4!
Easy and FAST NEXT Generation Full menu driven interface
+ The NEW Remote HUD Multi SIM for Owners and Managers.



[NeurolaB Inc.] KRAY-4 Security System - Poster 2014



✔ 100% Menu-controlled system ( Easy Control with Full menu driven interface )
✔ REMOTE CONTROL HUD for Owner/Managers to quickly access to all KRAYs in the region or other Sim!
✔ MULTI OWNER management ! ( Admin list )
✔ Visitors Counter On/Off + Set Count
✔ Customizable Greeting message for visitors On/Off

✔ Advanced Security Protection
✔ Short range protection or full land coverage up to 5000 meters range (full sim)
✔ Adjustable scan range for each Security system (1 to 5000 meters)
✔ Adjustable warning time
✔ Separate range, timer and eject mode for each security feature
✔ Security & scan affect only 1 parcel or all parcels (Full SIM) for Owner and also parcels from others owners/group using the Relay
✔ SCRIPTS LIMITS (number of scripts, memory used and script time) On/Off

✔ SET minimal age requirement in the BlackList security, people under this age are considered as blacklisted until they reach it
✔ Complete Notecard to custom notifications and greeting message.
✔ Option “Backup” in the white/black list submenu “Manage” to see the white/black list in local chat
✔ Option “In Notecard” in white/black list sub-menu to see the list from notecard  (Useful for managers)
✔ Region up time
✔ Server time customizable
✔ Option “Add by scan” to add people to the whitelist/blacklist
✔ Managers can see and trash the visitors list
✔ Interval between two scans is now customizable
✔ Sound alert on HUD for intrusions On/Off

✔ Mailing for the daily visitors list On/Off
✔ Visitors/intrusion List Report On/Off
✔ Logs (visits, intrusions, ejection) On/Off independent for each manager

✔ System Power On/Off
✔ Sound Database On/Off (Exclusive Sound effect Library Ambiance, up to 80 samples)
✔ Current free memory Display
✔ ORB RELAY “TRANSFER Permission” for eject peoples if you not owner and also control multiple parcels!

✔ Light Change Colors Menu but its fully mod if you want a precise color.
✔ Auto-Link : Synchronization! Receive color from others NeuroLab products (SpaceBox DOMO OS, Nlab Home Holoscreen System,…)

✔ Animated Screens & Lights
✔ Free Automatic updates for life!
✔ Professional Script memory optimization for best performance!
✔ 100% MESH+Materials high quality

✔ Permission: MOD (Editable)
✔ Beautiful Look for 2 PRIMS land Impact only!


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Modern BED SFX-1 (PG / Mature)

Neurolab is proud to present you the new Collection SFX-1
Modern bed made in Mesh Ultra realistic, High Quality, baked H.D textures and shadows +  100% MATERIALS!

• ADULT Version: MORE 300 sex Top Quality Animations (fully Synchronized) included (+ 50 Cuddles & sleeping Duo / solo poses/animation).
• PG Version: + 50 Cuddles & sleeping Duo / solo poses/animation (fully Synchronized).

[NeurolaB Inc.] SFX-1 Modern BED PG Poster 2013_1
[NeurolaB Inc.] SFX-1 Modern BED Features Poster 2013_1

• MultiPoseCouple System!
• This system is very easy to use to change poses.
• bed for 2 Avatars.
• Easy adjustment of avatar position.

• Every User will be able to adjust his/her poses perfectly to fit his/her avatar, the script will automatically save the data and keep them in memory as long as the avatar is not away more than one month.
• Your friends and guests will not have anymore to adjust their seat every time!

• Includes 2 lamps and a HOLOGRAPHIC HUD for customization!

• Only 6 prims!

► Try DEMO at our mainstore, and Discover the complete collection (Available Also in PG Cuddle Versions.)

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NEUROLAB presents the revolutionary SMART HUD Universal!

- One HUD for all our products NEUROLAB!
- FAST and EASY!
- Scripts memory LOW LAG! FULL MESH!

- Each NeuroLab products Compatible with SMART HUD provides a complete and accurate personalization to make your unique products.

- Synchronize all your outfits together with a few clicks.

- Access to advanced options for each products.

- You can customize the color lights / alpha / Glow independently 4 predefined groups for each products.

- Selectors by ITEM, SET or ALL (10 m, 20 m, 100 m), unlimited colors, 16 presets ..

- And much more …

We published many FREE updates! to make your old products compatible with our revolutionary new HUD SMART!

Integrated HELP

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Cyber Collars CR-1 (RLV) V.2.5

Neurolab is proud to present you the new CR-1 Collar RLV. (Free Update 2014 – 2.5)

This product uses crisp clean open collar scripts.
This collar is 100% Mesh, you can however move and fit it perfectly to your neck if you need to do so!
The collar is realistic in every way and fashion.

The MESH textures are baked in and every little light and object has its own shadow over each curve and part.
The collar is Fully customizable with a immense array of colors and features a *shiny* unlike anything you have seen on normal prim collars.

This is one of the most realistic collars you can get in Second Life. The time that went into the collar shows in its craftsmen-ship and design. See contents TAB for extra bonus items.

(available in White and Dark version)


[NeurolaB Inc.] CR-1 COLLAR 2.0 - Poster Final 2013_1

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Cyber X-2 Suit (FULL PACK MEN/WOMEN) V.3

*NEW VERSION SMART HUD Compatible* (Free Update 2014 – 3.2)

► SAVE MORE L$1000 over buying each component separately!

Back in 2008 we released X-1 Suit, and I want to personally thank those who acquired it.
Now we are pleased to introduce Evolution Armor Suit X-2, the new version straight out of Neurolab Inc.

- This amazing and advanced armor incorporates all the latest technology and innovations we’ve developed in our laboratories.

- It includes NEW NLAB SMART HUD that controls all the lights for your X-2 armor on 4 channels and more..
- Many options are featured that allow you to completely personalize your unique look and Fully mod!

- NEW in V.3 : NLAB POWER UNIT JET PACK SYSTEM V.3 with the latest Technologies!
- Exclusive Flight assist, NO LIMIT! Speed Enhancer (130 Meters Sec).
- Easy and FAST NEXT Generation Full Menu driven interface!!

[NeurolaB Inc.] Cyber X-2 Full Pack Men Suit V3 Poster 2014_1
[NeurolaB Inc.] Cyber X-2 Full Pack Women Suit V3 Poster 2014_1

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