Upgrade N.Phone from v3 to v4

Quick and easy !


■ Before to install your applications on your new N.Phone,

you may want to transfer items from your HUD v3 to your HUD v4 (notecards, pictures, animations, sounds, …)

To do this:

  • Drop your N.Phone v3 on the floor.
  • Wear your N.Phone v4, if not already activated, wait a few seconds.
  • Edit your N.Phone v3 (the one on the floor)
  • Drop the script “N.Phone Transfer Files V3=>V4 (wear v4, drop in v3)” in its content
  • Wait until it says “Transfer completed”
  • You can now delete this N.Phone v3 and install your applications on your N.Phone v4

Your N.PHONE V4 is ready!


Update Applications

■ to update applications, open “APP STORE” and use redeliver to each apps:

more info : APP STORE HELP